What Muslims Can Teach Us Infidels

When Joshua Bennett of Patriot’s Lament sent me a video of “thousands [of Muslims] attending prayers in Afghanistan during Ramadan, defying quarantine,” I told him I’d been expecting such an event: these worshippers of a false god often show more devotion to their idol than Christians do to the only true and living Lord. Case in point: in New York City, I often see devotees of Islam spread a rug on the filthy sidewalk and pray, regardless of the passing hordes, the rats and pigeons, careless bicyclists, etc. I have yet to spot anyone offering grace before his meal in a restaurant (and, thanks to Our Rulers, I am unlikely to witness such now). 

There’s another lesson to take from this tragic comparison. As Joshua puts it, “’Free’ Christians cower in their homes while the ‘oppressed’ Muslims defy their governments to worship.”

Hmmm. How long have US forces been fighting to “liberate” Afghanistan? Maybe Afghanis will return the favor.


10:42 pm on May 3, 2020