What Is A Contract?

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In my view, none of these things constitute a contract, or agreement, similar to a private contract or agreement. It cannot be under duress as in the case of these “contracts” with government.

A reading for you:

Spooner, Lysander. 1966[1870]. No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority and A Letter to Thomas F. Bayard, Larkspur, Colorado: Rampart College; http://jim.com/treason.htm

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Subject: Immunity From Government Procedures


The following quote is from an article written by Anna von Reitz.

“The state citizen is immune from any and all government attacks and procedures, absent contract.” See Dred Scott vs. Sanford, 60 US (19 How.) 393, or as the Supreme Court has succinctly said, “….every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen, without his consent.” Cruden vs. Neale, 2 N.C. 238, 2 S.E. 70.”

The key phrase in that short statement, to me, is ‘absent contract’.

My question is what constitutes a contract. 1) Does a signature on voter registration authorize a contract to obey the results of the election? 2) Does my receiving a monthly SSA check constitute a contract? 3) Does my enrollment in VA health benefits constitute a contract? 4) If #2 or #3 should be contractural, would they be contractural with the Federal government in toto, or only within the pertinent agencies?

Your opinion on the subject would be much appreciated, as would your usual list of references for me to research! And if you might have an email for Mz. von Reitz where I could ask her the same questions . . . . .

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6:59 am on December 28, 2020

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