What a Difference 27 Years Makes

Last night’s swearing-in ceremony for new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, broght back a memory of Ruth Bader-Ginsberg’s swearing-in ceremony in 1993.  Back then not all of the media (but almost all) had become exclusively the lying propaganda stooges of the Democrat National Committee.  President Clinton took a few questions, one of which was, “Did you have sex with Monica Lewinsky?”  As I recall, Clinton did his famous finger-pointing routine at the journalist who asked the question and gave her a good tongue lashing.  Today, the most challenging question asked of Joe Biden so far has been over what flavor ice cream he had at a custard stand on the campaign trail.  MSNBC and CNN didn’t even cover the senate vote for the new associate justice last night since it would have made Trump look, well, presidential and successful.

If the Soviets had today’s American-style “media,” the Soviet Union would probably still be in existence.


10:52 am on October 27, 2020