Parson Goat as Useful Idiot

Most evangelical, Protestant preachers never mention politics from the pulpit. Yes, they frequently belabor their misinterpretation of Romans 13, and they often indulge in “patriotism,” displaying flags and publicly praying for “our troops” and “our leaders.” But otherwise, most such churches exist in a political vacuum (I assume all churches do, given their 501(c)3 status. But except for a brief stint at an Eastern Orthodox one during COVIDCon, I’ve attended evangelical, Protestant churches all my life and speak knowledgeably about them alone). Abortion, the TSA’s groping of children and women, the Amerikan Empire’s provoking of needless wars, governmental enthusiasm for sodomy and transgenderism—all such wickedness passes without comment from the clergy. 

As does that greatest of evils, Marxism. I have never once heard any preacher anywhere condemn the theft of producers’ money, nor the disbursing of that money to the schools for indoctrination of students into communism, to the poor (condemning them to the State’s control), to “mental health” and “family” “services,” which then brainwash folks as thoroughly as the educrats do into Marx’s hellish philosophy, etc.

Because that’s what Communism is: a philosophy. One of all of existence and not just of politics. With its materialistic presuppositions, Marxism addresses all of life just as its politics do. Its adherents “reason” a certain way (albeit illogically and obtusely) when applying their principles to the grand questions: how did mankind come to be? (Via evolution, commies insist.) What is the purpose of life? (To further the State, the source of all good.) Marxism’s views extend even to history (the chronicle of the class struggle) and eschatology (one day the State will evaporate as the workers hum merrily along). 

Marx purposely designed his dogma this way, too. He’d be the first to protest at evangelicals’ confining his sin to politics.

As a philosophy, then, Communism is straight from the pit of Hell. And again, this was deliberate: Marx worshipped Satan. He parodied much of Christianity in his ideology, intentionally inverting and mocking it. 

Ergo, the Church’s silence on Marxism, its refusal to confront its atrocities at all, let alone vehemently, is utterly damnable. Christians of every denomination, both lay and clergy, should have denounced the doctrine’s earliest infiltration into our society. They should have opposed it with vehemence and exhausting effort. But they seldom if ever did. 

And it may be too late now. Even if Parson Goat were to shout this Sunday against Marxism’s cultivation of greed and envy, its violence and hatefulness, Communism has so poisoned Americans that they’d merely laugh if they heeded him at all.

So to Parson Goat’s other sins, we can add that he has been the most useful of idiots.


12:36 pm on October 27, 2020