Violations of Nuremberg Code in Covid-19 Control Program

Violations of Nuremberg Code in Covid-19 Control Program

By Nicholas Bednarski, M.D. with Phil Duffy

Introduction by Patrick Barron:

In keeping with the medical theme of the following essay by Dr. Nicholas Bednarski and Phil Duffy, their conclusion about damage done by the response by government, the media, and the drug companies to the Covid 19 “pandemic” may be a bitter pill indeed for most Americans to swallow.

Since the end of WWII and the revelations of the horrendous Nazi “crimes against humanity”, Americans have assumed that their leaders would never commit such acts.

This essay shows that America’s leaders did perpetrate such horrendous crimes, crimes that may even eclipse those of the Nazi leaders due to the worldwide damage they inflicted. This essay is written for serious readers, not for the squeamish.

Perpetrators included members of both political parties plus the mainstream and social media. The drug companies colluded with these powerful political people not only to hide dangerous side effects of their drugs but also to lie about the very nature of the drugs. In other words, the rot in America’s elite was deep and pervasive.

Executive Summary:

As death camp after death camp was liberated by the Allied forces in the first half of 1945, world opinion was shocked and appalled by what had happened in Germany during the Nazi era.  There were calls for justice, the first of which led to the Nuremberg Tribunal of the top Nazi leadership.  Twelve additional tribunals were conducted by the United States.  One did gain international attention-the trial of the Nazi physicians. 

The Doctor Trial, as it was popularly called, included crimes conducted against German nationals considered “undesirables as well as nationals of conquered nations.  Sixteen of the defendants were found guilty and seven were executed.  The decision in the case includes ten points that have been called the Nuremberg Code, addressing acceptable medical experimentation on human subjects.  All ten were violated by what might be called the Covid 19 Control Program.

Item 1 deals with the doctrine of informed consent to any experimental treatment. Voluntary informed consent was denied under the Covid 19 Control Program.  None were informed of the nature or duration of the experiment, or what hazards might be expected.

Despite its experimental nature, the Covid 19 Control Program also violated Item 2 of the Code.  It was not set up in any way to study the effects, adverse events, or outcomes of the vaccination program or societal restrictions, but rather applied in a random and arbitrary way, even after many of the measures were found to be unnecessary.  

Since no full animal studies were done prior to the application of the artificial mRNA vaccine and societal restrictions, and there was no knowledge of the natural history of Covid 19 and artificially produced virus, Item 3 of the Code was violated as well.

No efforts were made by the mandating governmental and private public health authorities to avoid unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury, breaking Nuremberg Code Item 4.

Since the mandating authorities had done no longer term animal or human studies of the artificial mRNA vaccine, neither they nor medical practitioners nor the public could know if there were risks of disabling injury or death; thus, violating Nuremberg Code Item 5.

The overall risk from Covid 19 was not known, but massively overblown estimates of risk were endorsed by the authorities and media in a kind of public health hysteria to convince all of the humanitarian importance of complying with all the unstudied and unproven measures they dictated.  This breaks the 6th item of the Code.

Under Item 7, we show that virtually no preparations or facilities were or are available to protect the public against even the remotest possibility of injury, disability, or death.  

In noncompliance with Item 8, NO scientifically qualified persons were involved in conducting any stage of this vast international experiment on a national or international level.  

Item 9 details the right of any human experimental subject to stop participation at any time for any reason.  Yet governmental and societal coercion worked hand-in-glove to prevent such.

Item 10 finishes the Code, noting that there must be a supervising scientist in charge, ready to terminate the experiment at any time if probable cause exists that harm may come to the experimental human subjects.  As we note, there was no scientist in charge, rather political and media advocates untrained in the science and technology, violating prior international standards of pandemic policy.  

Short-term and long-term adverse outcomes continued to evolve from this unwarranted, unplanned, unstudied experiment on the world’s populations.  Given that all ten of the Nuremberg Code’s standards were broken, some accountability for what could be described as a crime against humanity should be sought.  But no venue for judgment of these allegations exists currently.  Our response to this betrayal must for now be individual and personal, and possible methods are prescribed.  Responses to future such totalitarian movements are recommended.


Nicholas E. Bednarski, M.D. is a physician with forty years clinical experience in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Critical Care Medicine. Residency and fellowship was at LAC-USC Medical Center and UCLA, with Chief Residency in Medicine at Wadsworth VA Medical Center.  During his career he has achieved four Board certifications as well as teaching interns and resident physicians.  He has practiced in several cities in mainly civilian hospitals but also USAF Scott Medical Center.  In retirement he maintains his medical license and actively follows the scientific literature on controversial subjects in medicine and public affairs.  His writing can be found on Substack as “A Jaundiced Eye”.

Phil Duffy, an instructor of the Constitution, is a weekly contributor to WFYL’s We the People – The Constitution Matters.  His book, A Tale of Four Cities (soon to be published), contains a chapter on the Nazi era.


7:09 pm on November 20, 2023