Update on the Vultures of the State and DCF

Justina Pelletier is the 15-year-old girl who was diagnosed with and treated for Mitochondrial Disease, but at some point when her Tufts Medical Center doctor had her see his colleague at Boston Children’s Hospital her case was instead taken over by a different doctor there, a psychiatrist. It all went downhill from there. She was told that her physical illness was really a mental illness and that it was “all in her head,” her parents were accused of “medical child abuse,” the psychiatrists wanted to practice “behavior modification” on the child, and custody of Justina was taken away from the Pelletiers and handed over to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

Instead of continuing her medical treatment, the “doctors” and DCF placed her into a mental health facility for teens with behavioral problems and teens from “broken homes,” etc. In other words, the practitioners of Boston Children’s Hospital, which states that children who are “wards of the state” may be used for research without parents’ approval, seized a child and not only disrupted her needed continual medical treatment but unnecessarily and in fact negligently put her into mental health programs where she did not belong.

The Pelletiers had been allowed only one hour per week to visit with Justina, like she’s in prison now.

When the father, Lou Pelletier spoke about the maltreatment publicly he was then given a gag order by a DCF judge, and after violating the gag order he was charged with contempt of court. Later the contempt charge was dropped, and the gag order was dropped. Then earlier this month the judge approved an agreement to transfer Justina back to Tufts to resume her medical treatment. However, the Pelletiers are now suing and charging DCF with contempt of court because of DCF’s interference in that planned resumption of Justina’s medical treatment.

But yesterday, it got worse again, with the judge now ruling to give DCF “permanent” custody of Justina. The judge wrote that because Mr. Pelletier called hospital workers “Nazis” and had used profanity in his communicating with hospital and DCF officials, that that was reason enough to permanently seize a child away from her own family. The judge also wrote that Mr. Pelletier threatened a state social worker.

Can you imagine that? A parent actually gets upset that government bureaucrats and doctor bureaucrats are stealing his child away form him, causing her illness to get steadily worse, and he actually called them “Nazis”!

Meanwhile, this is the DCF that has caused hundreds of children now to be “missing” or dead, is totally out of control, and whose guidelines allow convicted armed robbers and child molesters to become foster parents. Now, if your child were in Justina’s situation, and you could see how “doctors” were causing your child’s condition to drastically deteriorate and you knew about the abuses committed on a daily basis by the DCF, wouldn’t you call them “Nazis” or worse, and get a little angry?

By the way, the head of the DCF, Olga Roche responded to many calls for her resignation by begrudgingly handing her resignation in to Gov. Deval Patrick, who refused her resignation. That is because Patrick apparently sees nothing wrong with what is going on.

Gov. Patrick, who is considering running for President in 2016 because he has so much to offer America, also has not commented on the Justina Pelletier case, and that is because he probably sides with the Boston Children’s Hospital doctors who seized Justina’s medical case away from the Tufts doctors and with the DCF that has taken custody away from the Pelletiers. Really, the DCF has kidnapped the child.

But regarding the DCF judge’s decision on keeping custody of Justina in the hands of the State, is that any surprise? As Hans-Hermann Hoppe referred to in his article on private vs. State judicial decision-making, when you are forced to have to go to the State for its “final” judgment in a conflict between you and the State, what the hell do you think the State’s own judge will decide?

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12:48 pm on March 26, 2014