UBI Probably DOA 

As we barrel onward into Marxism’s nightmare, James S. muses about the absurd “stimulus” checks and whether they’re laying the groundwork for Universal Basic Income:

UBI = Social Security for All

If we can do Medicare for all…why not?

So many people getting themselves on disability or unemployment benefits for the last decade, we’re well on our way.

However, DC’s experiments with UBI thus far have been limited to intermittent relatively small checks, passed after much grandstanding.

I’m guessing we will see more checks every now and again, but no “real” UBI.  Could be due to the expense, or the inflation risk, but I think it is for the following reasons:

              1) If they set the presses on “auto” they won’t need any of the bureaucrats, who will have to take productive jobs instead.

             2) Fewer opportunities for political grandstanding over it.

             3) Inability to exercise power by attaching terms & conditions in order to get it.

And here you thought those monstrous political egos were useless though they could very well save us from UBI!


10:23 am on March 9, 2021