Abbott Is Cost-Mellow

That would be Greg “Stalin” Abbott, the gubernatorial wind-vane swinging about in Texas. And he’s very mellow when other people pay the costs for his tyranny. But should said despotism come back to bite him, well, the story changes, as Ms. Anonymous posited

Rod Peet adds more detail to the sorry tale of Texas’ “liberation”:

Unfortunately Stockholm Syndrome HAS taken hold with some here in Texas. Despite the governor opening the state at least two people I know don’t like the idea and say they will continue to mask up.

I was working in the yard when my neighbor came up to me. Not too close, mind you. He kept his distance as neither of us were wearing a mask.

Oh, Rod, why didn’t you walk right up to him and stick out your hand?! Makes my day every time I do and the COVIDiot staggers back as though I’ll infect him with bubonic plague.

I scored a big one in line at the store the other day, where I refuse to stand in those ridiculous circles. I was unloading my cart while the woman ahead of me was paying. Our backs were to each other and—horrors!—she bumped into me! CALL AN AMBULANCE, STAT! “Oh, excuse me,” I warbled. Her eyes squinted above her mask and—ultimate triumph!—she turned away, shaking her head in disgust.

But I interrupted Mr. Peet’s story about his neighbor; I don’t want him to have to re-Peet.

I mentioned my relief that things were opening up. He expressed his dismay.

I asked why and he said the virus is still rampant. I said it never was and asked questions about where he got his information. His answers were mostly “iPhone” and “Fauci”.

I asked if I could see his evidence. He said no.

I asked if he would like to see my evidence. He said no.

More proof that COVIDCon is a philosophical outgrowth of Marxism and therefore a false religion. And just like its parent, it doesn’t bear scrutiny, nor are its practitioners amenable to logic or—if you’ll pardon my using an incredibly overworked term—science.

He said that he was very concerned about his health and would continue to mask up and do anything else required no matter the discomfort.

And the diseases that masks bring.

But wait, it gets better:

Oh yeah… he was smoking during our conversation!

OK, no wonder you didn’t want to get close enough to shake his hand!

The governor’s new EO is small comfort. While most of us are relieved that Abbot’s Executive Order is finally lifting (seemingly) all restrictions I find it curious that he made the announcement on March 2 but it doesn’t take effect until March 10. I guess the virus is dangerous and can spread until 12:00 midnight on the 9th but at 12:01 AM on the 10th it becomes nonthreatening. 

Maybe it’s been taking lessons from the Virus That Infests Restaurants—you know, the one that leaves diners alone until they stand up to head for the, um, head.

We have not been “freed”. The implication is that our lives are still his to regulate.

May all the serfs learn this lesson. And then may they rebel.

Also, the EO has empowered judges to impose restrictions under certain circumstances. It remains to be seen if any of these budding dictators reach full bloom.

Anyone taking bets?

I don’t know why Abbot is being praised for his action. He broke the law in the first place thereby destroying lives and businesses. He certainly cut my career short. He should be held accountable.

Absolutely he should.

From Abbot’s Executive Order: “WHEREAS, I have issued executive orders and suspensions of Texas laws…”

From the Texas Constitution: “Sec. 28. A SUSPENSION OF LAWS. No power of suspending laws in this State shall be exercised except by the Legislature.”

His criminal activities are documented, sworn to, and signed by him.

Don’t you love it when the criminal publicly condemns himself out of his own mouth—or, in this case, by his own pen?!

I will be out and about on the tenth to see how far Stockholm Syndrome has spread.

Texans, please: show yourselves to be the sensible, free-spirited, courageous cowboys the rest of us want to be when we grow up.


8:00 pm on March 8, 2021