U.S. Implements the Wolfowitz Doctrine

The U.S. is implementing the Wolfowitz Doctrine. It aims to maintain the U.S. as the sole superpower and to preclude any regional powers. It wants no rivals such as Russia, Iran and China. This agenda is primary for the U.S. Other purported goals of foreign policy such as anti-terrorism, furthering democracy, advancing human rights, and the self-determination of peoples are useful only insofar as they advance the superpower status of the U.S. and the elimination of rivals. Whenever the Wolfowitz Doctrine can be implemented by sacrificing anti-terrorism, democracy, human rights and self-determination, the U.S. does not hesitate to sacrifice them. This is why the U.S. appears to be so hypocritical.

Here is an example out of today’s news. The U.S. condemns separatism in Ukraine and aids Kiev in attacking its own people with heavy and advanced weapons of all kinds. This is because the superpower agenda is served by steering Ukraine into the Western camp. At the very same time, the U.S. condemns China for indicting a professor who is a vocal separatist and critical of Chinese policy in Xinjiang. Hence, we observe the U.S. against separatism in Ukraine but supporting it in China. This is because the U.S. is applying pressure on China wherever it thinks this will succeed in diminishing China as a power. If China has to contend with breakaway movements, the U.S. agenda is advanced.

Numerous other instances of U.S. hypocrisy can be understood in this way. The U.S. will support democracy but then ignore elections and support dictators. It will bemoan the deaths of children in some instances but support their being killed in others. It will condemn interfering in domestic politics in some countries but approve of it in other instances. It will condemn terrorism and then arm terrorists. This is because the overriding agenda is the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

The U.S. supplies the Israeli military with aid and ammunition so as to maintain Israel in the region and prevent regional powers like Iran from growing in strength. When Israel attacks Gaza, the U.S. approves a certain amount of death and destruction. However, if Israel’s killing becomes so excessive that it promises to cause a backlash that weakens Israel or gives rise to an anti-Israel movement that is more radical than Hamas, then the U.S. will switch and disapprove of Israel’s attack and seek to stop it. The criterion being used is that of the supremacy of U.S. power in a worldwide game of power.

This is not to say that the different divisions in Washington are united in this goal or united in how to play this game. It’s not to say that the Wolfowitz Doctrine is sensible. It’s not to say that important leaders are playing this game effectively. In most instances, they are playing it foolishly, rashly, dangerously and in a very costly way that results in diminishing U.S. power. This exclusive superpower goal and game generally reduces American well-being in numerous ways. From that standpoint, the Wolfowitz Doctrine is deeply flawed.


1:55 pm on July 31, 2014