US Grants Israel Emergency Access to Billion Dollar US Weapons Cache

Just hours after the Israeli government killed scores of Palestinians shopping at a marketplace and sheltering from the relentless attack on Gaza in a UN school, the US government gave the green light for Israel to access the “War Reserves Stock Allies-Israel (WRSA-I),” a one billion dollar US cache of weapons maintained on Israeli soil.

This US gift would allow the Israeli regime to replenish the 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm grenades of the type used to commit the attack on the civilian population of Gaza.

It is also a big boon for the US military-industrial complex, as the weapons transferred to Israel were approaching their “sell by” date and needed to be used soon so that a fresh supply could be rotated in.

Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby reiterated the US rationale for its support for this current assault on Gaza, citing:

Israel’s right to defend itself. …Unlike Hamas, which is firing rockets from populated areas and indiscriminately targeting civilians in Israel, the IDF [Israeli army] takes measures to limit civilian casualties.

However, according to the UN, nearly 80 percent of Palestinians killed in this recent Israeli attack on Gaza have been civilians.

The US Senate, meanwhile, has added another quarter of a billion US dollars in military aid to Israel in an unrelated US border control bill.

The one-sided, pro-Israel resolution in the House yesterday, highlighted on RPI, passed unanimously by a voice vote.

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10:47 am on July 31, 2014