Two Questions in Political Economy

Question 1: At least during the last two hundred years we have seen in the world a spectacular increase in the quality of life, thanks to capitalism. However, during the same period we have also seen an amazing growth of the State. How could this apparent paradox be explained?

Response 1: The state is an impediment to growth. We achieve prosperity despite it, not because of it. At present, our GDP statistics include government expenditures. Murray Rothbard rightly contended that these payments should be subtracted from private sector goods and services, not added to them.. The capitalist system is so productive that our natural statist instincts promote it, as we become richer, can more and more afford it.

Question 2: The History manipulation by political interests (for example, the history that was taught to German children during the Nazi regime, or in the Soviet Union) can be considered as a violation of the principle of non-aggression?

Response 2: Lies are not a per se violation of the NAP. I now tell you that 2+2=5. I lied. Did I violate the NAP? No. If lies were a crime, then all professors who profess Marxism, Keynesianism, Chicagoism, Public Choice, anything but Austro libertarianism, would be considered criminals. I’m pretty radical, but, I don’t go that far. Am I wussing out? I don’t think so.


2:16 pm on September 18, 2018