Tucker Carlson Tonight – Excellent Compliment To Lew Rockwell’s Excellent LRC Article Today

Tucker goes after Big Pharma with both barrels blazing, pointing out the gross overt criminality, egregious fraudulent behavior and constant repeated lying that has characterized this most protected of crony corrupt institutions. Watch it after reading Lew’s clarion call-to-arms on The Covid Vaccine Plot.

(Typically someone initially removed this linked 7/25/22 program at YouTube and so I replaced the setting. It will no doubt not remain as an active link for long. Here is how my colleague DC Dave, a frequent contributor to LRC, summarized the program: “Carlson was on fire.  I see that YouTube has already taken it down, claiming that it was too long (too revealing is doubtless the real reason).  Carlson tied a lot of drug company outrages together, starting with the drug overdose epidemic, which traces back to their pushing of Oxycontin onto the public as s “non-addictive” pain killer, then the Covid-19 debacle, topped off with the revelation that all those anti-depressants that the medical profession has peddled through the years have been prescribed upon a completely false premise.” )

Many other major stories to outrage one’s sensibility and skewed clarity at trying to make sense of the insanity unleashed upon the world. That great bastion of democracy, Ukraine, has formally declared American citizens Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard, Senator Rand Paul, Douglas Macgregor, and others as Pro-Russian puppets of disinformation, while many cities in the US are now decriminalizing public urination and defecation on streets and parks.


10:46 pm on July 25, 2022