Tucker Carlson Hits the Nail on the Head Regarding the Cause of All the Urban Violence and Criminality

For the past several years I’ve read numerous articles about how George Soros has been lavishly funding the political careers of some of the biggest losers in America — young, empty-headed, Leftist zealots who happened to have gone to law school and, after flunking the bar exam several times before finally passing (or handed an affirmative action “pass”), were seeking political careers as prosecutors, district attorneys, etc.  One article quoted a woman who lost such a local election who said they typically spent maybe $3-5K, whereas Soros gave her opponent $50,000.

Back to Tucker Carlson.  He, too, has noticed that the people I’ve described here routinely refuse to prosecute many heinous, violent felons; support the elimination of bail; find lame excuses to empty their local prisons of violent criminals (“they might catch cold there!”); and on and on.  The question is, why?  Why do wealthy Bolshevik elitists like George Soros fund the destruction of civilization in American cities by paying for the election of all these useful idiots?  Useful to who?

Here is Tucker Carlson’s answer, which I agree with (paraphrasing):  Middle America, working class America, elected Donald Trump and therfore must be punished.  He’s broken up too many crony capitalist trade deals and other scams that enriched the Bolshevik elitists like Soros, and so he must go, and his supporters (the “deplorables”) must be severely punished for their “sins.”


8:34 pm on August 13, 2020