Trump’s Remarks Were Political

I keep condemning socialism and the new breed of socialists over and over again. We have to beat their ideas or else they’ll set us back even more than they already have. The obvious problem is that the Democrats are largely unequipped to criticize their own, and the Republicans are cowardly. They’re afraid they’ll lose the public’s votes if they criticize socialist programs that seem to be popular.

It’s against this context of craven silence or failure to be frank and hard-hitting that Trump’s remarks are made in which he calls upon certain members of Congress who are complete socialists to go back to the shithole kinds of countries where socialism reigns, where governments fail to enforce good laws and economic freedom, and where they instead give in to corruption. Trump attacked 4 socialists/progressives who are first-term Democrats dubbed the Squad.

Not to fight these socialists bluntly is to lose the battle against socialism. It’s to be weak and give in to the foolishness and evil of their wide-ranging agenda of political correctness, social justice, socialist programs, phony rights, equality, devastation of property rights, and climate control, etc. Since the Republicans heretofore rolled over and the rinos are still rolling over under the socialist onslaught, Trump’s remarks, while welcome and on the right track, are actually mild. He has to bring the public along in steps to understand why they must reject the socialists’ agenda.

Trump has his own timing, his own political calculations, is own divide and conquer methods, his own trial balloons, and his own way of solidifying his support. I can’t comment on that dimension, but I can say that his remarks are entirely consistent with a political animus against these socialists. Any racial animus is not evident in his words, but a pro-American attitude is, which attitude is anti-progressivism.

The huge outcry from the left-wing is 100% predictable, and by their over-reactions, the leftists identify themselves and their craziness. They are marginalizing themselves. For example, one of the Squad is a black woman named Ayanna Pressley. She’s reading black people out of the Democratic party and the Democratic Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus who aren’t on the Squad’s radically socialist side. Her comment was that in the party “We don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” She also said “We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice.” She’s claiming that she’s the authentic black voice, and those who disagree are Uncle Toms. She’s insulting an awful lot of black and brown-skinned people.

The rejoinders to Trump from Democrats running for president reveal how unnerved they are when confronted with a frank assessment of their ideas and what they stand for. They lash out as if they were seriously wounded. What if they had to endure a really thorough dissection of their crazy and evil schemes and ideas? These are fools, idiots, knaves, ignorant and power-hungry ignoramuses. From them we hear that Trump is “un-American”. He is dividing the country. He’s dividing us instead of bringing us together. He’s a coward. He’s a racist. He’s xenophobic. The Squad represents our values, not Trump. He’s inciting fear and hatred. The Squad should be treated with respect. He’s a white nationalist. The Squad is “bringing new ideas and bold leadership for ALL Americans. Kick and scream all you want: they represent our future.”

All of this nonsense because Trump made a little attack on 4 progressives whose ideas for the domestic economy would destroy us if enacted.

President Trump is not a racist,” so says Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.


8:20 pm on July 14, 2019