Trump Annonuces AT CHRISTMAS TIME . .

. . . that he is starting to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan and the Washington establishment that constantly praises and expresses its everlasting love for “our troops” is outraged.  No one in D.C. is singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” to celebrate, but you can bet your life that the families of the troops will be.  The establishment Scrooges are outraged that the president puts America and American troops first, before the establishment’s racket of getting rich through defense contracts for unconstitutional, immoral, unnecessary wars that only make more enemies for the American people.

How funny to see “Mad Dog” Mattis throw a hissy fit like a little girl who has just had her baby doll snatched away from her, and Mitch McConnell looking even more constipated than usual.  The poor general will now have to join all those hundreds of other retired generals as a millionaire lying puppet for the military/industrial/spying-on-Americans complex.


8:16 am on December 21, 2018

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