To Understand BLM

“The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) casts itself as a spontaneous uprising born of inner city frustration, but is, in fact, the latest and most dangerous face of a web of well-funded communist/socialist organizations that have been agitating against America for decades.”

However, if you do not believe that conclusion and the evidence leading to it, then to understand the true nature of BLM, ask questions like the following and reach your own conclusion.

Why is the BLM aim to defund police, and not to defund the War on Drugs? The latter is what fills the prisons with black lives.

Why is BLM willing to defund police without having a viable alternative system?

Why does BLM aim to tear down the policing of black communities, including that which is directed at violent crimes?

Why does BLM want to release violent criminals from prisons?

Why is BLM so dead set against people who have built up wealth?

Why does BLM want reparations from whites, whoever they may be, when they cannot possibly identify past perpetrators and link them to victims in the present?

Why does BLM blame everything relating to black people on racism, when this case cannot be rationally sustained?

Why does BLM disregard rational argument and replace it with rhetoric, slogans and demands?

Why is it BLM’s aim to disrupt ordinary families, and not to promote families with fathers?

Why does BLM focus on black women and largely ignore black men?

Why is BLM’s leadership Marxist and trained to be Marxist?

Why does BLM paint today’s society as systemically racist when it is not?

Why does BLM promote the fiction that faulty theories of race that used to be prevalent generations ago are at work discriminating against black people today?

Why does BLM attack capitalism, free enterprise and free markets?

Why does BLM violently attack speech that opposes their views?

Why doesn’t BLM dissociate itself from antifa and its violence?

Why doesn’t BLM condemn rioting and looting, especially that which destroys black businesses and communities?

Why is BLM willing to burn down the system?

Why is BLM willing to attack images of Jesus and religious places of worship?

Why is BLM not transparent financially? Why do they conceal their financial statements?

Why does a BLM leader speak of forming a military arm?


2:17 pm on June 29, 2020