The X-Rated D-Train

As a very reluctant passenger on New York City’s dirty subways, I can testify that the filth extends from the physical to the mental realm. The ads that line the cars and stations are almost always suggestive, even when publicizing products as innocuous as candy or dental implants.

I tired of the trains’ noise, crowds and pornography long ago; if I can’t reach a destination on foot or on my bicycle, I stay home rather than endure execrable “public transit.” Not surprisingly, the ads have only degenerated in the years since I adopted this policy.

But one heroic woman did something about the obscenity. When she saw posters promoting “Pan-sexuality” on the D-train, she ripped them down while asking her fellow commuters whether they approved of children’s seeing such poison. She also denounced the communism behind other ads touting “social justice.” A gentleman helps her in this outstanding task while another woman thanks her and announces, “This is what bravery looks like: saying ‘No!’ to propaganda!”

Equally courageous: neither our champ nor her male friend are wearing masks!

Thanks to Bill Martin for introducing us to this worthy lady!


5:44 pm on September 23, 2021

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