“The World is Exploding All Over”

So says the neocon pundit/cheerleader for more and more war Charles Kraphanger (a.k.a. Krauthammer) in a recent column for the Washington Post.  He cites two recent events to illustrate this “explosion”:  1)  People in Yemen are so fed up with American military intervention there that they spooked the Obama administration into evacuating their embassy (temporarily); and 2) a young American woman became so incensed over the never-ending demonization of Syria by the neocon establishment, including the White House, that she “volunteered” to help the Syrian rebels and died in a bombing.

In each case, the cause of the “problem” was American military interventionism.  The “solution” to this problem, says Kraphanger, is therefore orders of magnitude MORE military interventionism.  This is an example of a psychiatrist who needs his head examined.

UPDATE:  Mark P. writes about Krauthammer and his fellow neocons:  “These people are nuts.  We used to laugh it off . . . .  [but] They are psychopaths.


2:32 pm on February 14, 2015

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