The Thought Police and Anti-Speech Totalitarians Are Out There

U.S. Sen. Ed Malarkey (D-Moonbatville) and U.S. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries are sponsoring the “Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014.” And also this past week Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signed an extended version of the anti-bullying bill that mandates reporting of all “bullying” incidents in the schools, proven or alleged. But for the “Hate Crime Reporting Act,” Sen. Malarkey wants to silence “hateful activity on the Internet that occurs outside of the zone of First Amendment protection.” Here’s some news for Ed Malarkey and his ilk: America is the “First Amendment Zone”! (Well, it used to be, anyway.) And frankly, the Internet would work best as a “First Amendment zone” as well.

Now really, in the land of progressivism and leftism, you just can’t say anything anymore. I think that the intolerance of the Left is just plain nutty, or moonbatty. But mostly, many of those on the Left seem to align themselves now with the agenda of intrusiveness and police state. Much of this intolerance really has to do with punishing dissent, such as those expressing critical thinking that goes against “authority” (especially Democrat authority) or doesn’t conform to the group mentality. And anything that might refer to a possibly racial or ethic subject, if spoken or written by a conservative, libertarian or Tea Partier, is to be not only condemned but silenced. If spoken or written by a progressive, that’s okay. I’m sure the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Shrapnel aren’t going to prosecute Sen. Harry Reid for uttering “Negro” any time soon.

As Will Grigg noted in response to Cliven Bundy’s politically-incorrect terminology regarding black people and the welfare state, “for progressives, ‘thoughtcrime’ is worse then murder.” And Will is exactly right.

Now, references to “slavery” — the chattel slavery of the period of Lincoln’s War to Prevent Independence — have been offensive to some people. But as I have mentioned in this article, we are all slaves of the State. I wish that the general population could understand that. And this might be offensive to some people too, but do you think it’s time to get over it? And not just the 19th Century chattel slavery of black people in the U.S. but the Jim Crow laws which were repealed that the Left also refer to, and so on. After all, how many black people living now were victims of compulsory chattel slavery and Jim Crow laws? And those who scream the loudest about being offended by this or that “racist” do not seem to be people of color themselves but self-righteous “lily white liberals” who have a particular social agenda they swear by and are really just out to silence those they were told should be silenced. Just like the global-warming fascists and “sexual-diversity” totalitarians.

So, regarding these laws and proposals, particularly involving the Internet, the progressives show their true colors (sorry) when they are so intolerant of so-called “hate speech” that, rather than they being so tormented by hearing or reading certain words which is all verbal and can’t really hurt people, instead these police state fascists prefer to use actual physical violence to arrest and jail those who allegedly have expressed “hate.” Honestly, I don’t know why so any people now are so thin-skinned. Yes, some people have immature “racist” attitudes, anti-white as well as anti-black, etc., and that’s the way it is. As Fred Reed expressed quite fittingly, “So what?


12:59 pm on April 27, 2014