The Sheeple’s Stunning Stupidity

How wide are the seats in coach on a commercial aircraft? I would have said 24” maximum—but then, I don’t fly: submitting to sexual assault before a flight would traumatize me so badly I couldn’t enjoy my vacation.

So I looked it up: 17 or 18 inches—so risibly off from the 6 feet that Our Rulers insist saves us from smallpox–sorry, COVID19–that most flyers should be able to eyeball it and realize the discrepancy. 

Ergo, the brouhaha passengers are raising—or that the corporate media alleges they’re raising (trust nothing the lying press avers regarding the plandemic as it values its agenda far more than it does the truth)—over the airlines’ recent decision to cease “anti-social distancing” onboard flights is pure asininity. Airlines had been leaving the dreaded middle seat vacant to placate Nervous Nellies’ fears and woo her back to the airport. (Yo, CEO’s: a bunch of us would happily fly and increase your revenues, if only you’d order your bought-and-paid-for puppets in Congress to abolish the TSA). They’ve now announced that with the increasing numbers of travelers this summer, they can no longer guarantee vacant middle seats. 

Well, that lack of 18” has infuriated Boobus, or so the media claims. “‘I find it absolutely appalling you chose to sell the middle row seats as Covid numbers continue to spike,’ one Twitter user wrote in a message directed to the airline.

Pssst, Buddy: ever notice that the rows ahead of and behind you sit closer than 6 feet? To say nothing of the dude sitting across a narrow aisle from you.

“I am loyal to AA but clearly you are not concerned with the safety of the public. Looks like I will fly delta since they removed the middle row. EXPECTED BETTER!”

EXPECT BANKRUPTCY if the airlines accede to this silly tantrum. “Because [of] the economics of our industry, most airlines have a break-even load factor of 75 to 80%, so clearly capping flights at 55 to 60%, which is what we’re doing right now . . . is not sustainable,” as JetBlue chief executive Robin Hayes” explained.

How about no flights at all, Mr. Appalled? And why does 18″ inches at 30,000 feet magically protect your health but an 18″-distance on terra firma inspires you to call the cops on your neighbors?

If anyone still wonders why Progressives have won so many seats in American governments at all levels, well, look no further than the insanity and nonsense of your fellow serfs.


10:43 am on June 29, 2020