One Law For Me, Another for Thee

Responding to Bad Ideas Never Die; They Just Keep Hanging Out With Politicians, in which I excoriated Susan Rice’s push for “National Service,” Mike writes:

Per her Wikipedia bio Rice doesn’t appear to have ever “served” the government as a member of any kind of military unit, Peace Corp, volunteer service or anything other than a paid government employee. Also has a history as a McKinsey & Co. consultant for large corporations.

 She had a very posh, elite upbringing and education.

 So once again, a statist mouthpiece is urging others to do what she herself has never done, other than as a highly paid government employee. I doubt she ever made less than$100K/year in any of her prior government employment. … 

Somehow her “government work experience” isn’t like, say, a teacher on an Indian reservation, a Peace Corp volunteer, or as any sort of member of any US military organization. 

I don’t think she has any realistic clue about what she is advocating, other than as a socialist nostrum. … Actually as a potential Biden VP she is probably more “qualified” than the others mentioned. Of course as a credentialed member of the Democrat nomenklatura she has no real clue about the rabble she seeks to rule. Walmart people and such.


8:47 am on June 29, 2020