The Real Democrat Campaign for President is About to Begin

I noticed that in the Sunday “Parade” insert in the newspaper there was a full-page front cover mugshot of Hillary Clinton, with a headline something like “Hillary’s Side of the Story.”  I consider this to be the real start of the Democrat/Clinton Crime Family presidential campaign.  Hillary will ride into the “brokered” convention and be “drafted” with the help of all those “superdelegates” (a.k.a. already-been-bribed-by-the-Clinton-Foundation political hacks) as The Savior of the Party (and of all humanity), after which she will pick the biggest sychophant she can find to be her vice presidential candidate.  This will include none of the current pretend “candidates.”  Marxist Bernie will then kiss here ring, just as he did last time around.


8:19 am on March 2, 2020