The Race to Regicide

The deep state is now in really high gear to get rid of Trump, even getting the leftist deep state lawyers in NYC to “investigate” spending on his inauguration; Nancy Pelosi pretending to be the IRS commissioner and promising to get all of his tax returns; claiming that foreigners who stay at one of his hotels are engaged in bribery by paying their hotel bill; Bill Clinton’s sex crime apologist/defender Lanny Davis is claiming that Trump committed a “felony” by committing the non-crime of paying a woman who was apparently extorting him to go away; and on and on forever.

The manic pace of all this suggests to me that all of these characters — the Clinton crowd, the Obama crowd, and the deep state crowd in general — know that they are guilty of uncountable felonies and of illegally using the FBI, CIA, ETC. to spy on and sabotage the Trump campaign, and that Trump is probably waiting for the right moment to do justice to them.  For now, he’s holding his cards as bargaining chips, but it would be foolish of him to hold on to them for much longer.  Is Donald Trump that much of a fool?


3:57 pm on December 14, 2018