The Next Assignment for the NFL Thought Police

Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden has resigned after “NFL executives” reportedly poured through 650,000 emails by all NFL coaches and other personnel going back at least a decade, searching for any thought crimes.  They found that in 2001, during his first stint as the Raiders coach, he made a dumb comment about the appearance of a black players’ union rep he had been arguing with, and voiced opposition to “queers” in NFL locker rooms.  The Raiders’ owners have every right to force Gruden to resign for whatever reason: it’s their business.

As for the NFL, which is constantly promising to become more and more politicized, here’s a suggestion for their next project:  Those “Reject Hate’ logos on the backs of some players’ helmets are getting old.  Replace them with “Reject CRT,”  that’s “critical race theory” that teaches the hateful, bigoted, and incendiary notion that all white people are inherently evil by virtue of being white people.  Your children probably know all about it if they are enrolled in a public school.  Wouldn’t that promote unity and better inter-racial relations in the locker rooms — and maybe even in the rest of society as well?  Isn’t that what the NFL claims all of its “social justice initiatives” are all about?

Jon Gruden’s comments are to critical race theory as an ant is to an elephant.


9:41 am on October 12, 2021

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