That Boat Won’t Sail

Of all COVIDCon’s absurdities, the scorn lavished upon its dissidents is among the most senseless. Were the plandemic a true and lethal one with a vaccine that protected recipients, as proponents claim, rational people would line up for their shots. Those who didn’t would merit a roll of the eyes and the status of crackpot rather than all the fury of a police-state.

Monnie Matthews highlights the inherent contradictions of condemning those who forego the Jab:

Those of us who speak out against vaccines don’t have anything to gain from it.

We don’t make money for it and we certainly aren’t praised for it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We are usually ridiculed and disrespected. We often lose friends and are alienated from family members. We are dismissed and belittled.

Some want to take our jobs from us.

Some want to take our children from us.

Some want to criminalize or even kill us.

But we speak out anyway, knowing what it will cost us.

Maybe it’s time to ask why we’re willing to take these risks and pay the price for standing up when we have nothing to gain, instead of calling us crazy and swallowing every spoonful of “information” fed to you by those who gain great wealth by the death and injury suffered by you and your children.

Mr. Matthews languishes in the People’s Democratic Republic of Washington State. There he sardonically observes the havoc Chief Comrade Jay Inslee has wreaked with his “deadline of Oct. 18 for state workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or risk losing their jobs,” as an article Mr. Matthews forwarded about “Washington State Ferries[,] … the nation’s largest ferry system” puts it. The monopoly was

forced to reduce service on seven of its 10 routes, while preparing for weeks of missed trips and frustrated passengers.

The propagandists at the Seattle Times pretend this snafu results from a

chronic crew shortage … Ferry staffing levels, precarious from local and worldwide shortages of mariners, suddenly collapsed, as dispatchers were unable to fill open job shifts. … “Our dispatch team has been having an increasingly difficult time finding available employees to fill in for positions, as many of them have been working overtime,” [ferries (sic) spokesperson Justin] Fujioka said. … “We are aware of what is coming Oct. 18,” Fujioka said. “It’s obvious this is on the verge of becoming unsustainable — the crewing we already have.”

And what is the Chief Comrade’s response? Does he admit he’s unleashed a disaster? Of course not! Rule #4 in Basic Marxism is to double-down on whatever has rendered the serfs wretched while blaming the victims:

“Like other Washingtonians, I am concerned with the lack of crewing on our state ferry vessels and the subsequent missed sailings,” Inslee said … .

But not so concerned that he’ll retract his illegal diktat.

“It’s unacceptable that these unauthorized actions are impacting people’s daily life when ferry service is reduced,” Inslee wrote. The term “unauthorized actions” refers to any misuse of personal leave, an Inslee spokesperson said.

Love it! In other words, crews are calling in sick to protest compulsory Jabs. As Mr. Matthews chortles, “We’ll see how long the state is able to pretend its vax mandate isn’t crippling vital services.”

“The reality is,” Inslee continued, “the majority of ferry workers are showing up day in and day out to provide the necessary ferry service to Washingtonians and visitors. We appreciate the commitment of these employees.”

Oh, indeed, you do, Comrade. So much that you are driving them out of their profession.


10:00 am on October 12, 2021

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