The New Slogan of Environmentalism

“Corona is the Cure.  Humans are the Disease.”  Same as the old slogan, going back at least to Thomas Malthus.  Remember how the founder of “Earth First!” once said “we can only hope that the right virus comes along”?  And how the founders of the modern American environmentalist movement were, first and foremost, anti-people, celebrating authors like Paul Ehrlich, author of “The Population Bomb”?  And all the predictions that too many people would lead to mass starvation and much worse before the end of the twentieth century?  The late Julian Simon engaged in a twenty-year debate with the humanity-hating environmentalists like Ehrlich, culminating in his book, The Ultimate Resource.  Hint:  People are the “ultimate resource” in Simon’s book.  Paul Ehrlich must be smiling about today’s events and hoping for the worst.


4:11 pm on March 25, 2020