The Maskless Face of Freedom!

Congrats to Roger Mitchell and all the lovers of liberty who succeeded in their protest last week—succeeded so wildly, in fact, that the local affiliate of NBC News covered it! Roger’s website offers details:

Sponsored by Face of Freedom, the street event known as Proclamation of Freedom went off without a hitch Saturday, January 16, 2021, in Hamilton, MT. The event consisted of about fifty people who lined both sides of the main highway through the city while holding signs like those shown. 

Those of you wondering how to protest on behalf of political prisoners may want to mimic this tactic.

The weather was gorgeous (40 degrees and sunny) and the street traffic very approving, with the vast majority honking their horns, smiling, and waving to show their support.

Yee haw!

 Spokesman for the group, Roger Mitchell said, “This was a beautiful day in the Bitterroot. Dozens of people showed up to declare that they are here, they are free, and they are going to make their voices heard. Everything went well, there was no trouble from anyone, and the message was sent–loud and clear. We are not going away and we are not going to be quiet.” 

The event was covered by NBC News, KECI 13, a local TV broadcast station. The full article can be seen here. …

 Check out our Photos page for more pictures of participants. …

Thanks so much to Roger and his fellows for defending freedom! I trust you all enjoyed a celebratory dinner afterwards, sans diapers.


9:31 am on January 25, 2021

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