Daniels in Leviathan’s Den

We sang Philip Bliss’s magnificent hymn, “Dare To Be A Daniel,” in church yesterday. Though he wrote these lyrics in 1873, they seem more apropos than ever as the forces of Hell impose Marxism on us—especially with regard to those Patriots now become political prisoners, thanks to the FBI’s smearing of free speech and of walking around the US Capitol as lawlessness. That thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy also and reprehensibly urges Americans to snitch on our heroes

In reality, the brave men and women who tried to stop the congresscritters from legitimizing fraud, who hoped to prevent a Chinese puppet and fascist from usurping the presidency, are part of Daniel’s band. May they stand by their purpose true—and may we as well:

  • Standing by a purpose true,
    Heeding God’s command,
    Honor them, the faithful few!
    All hail to Daniel’s band!

    • Refrain:
      Dare to be a Daniel,
      Dare to stand alone!
      Dare to have a purpose firm!
      Dare to make it known.
  • Many mighty men are lost,
    Daring not to stand,
    Who for God had been a host
    By joining Daniel’s band.
  • Many giants, great and tall,
    Stalking through the land,
    Headlong to the earth would fall,
    If met by Daniel’s band.
  • Hold the Gospel banner high!
    On to vict’ry grand!
    Satan and his hosts defy,
    And shout for Daniel’s band.

How can we support imprisoned Patriots? First, gather those friends and neighbors who have tired of isolation and itch for activity to protest in the streets: carry placards with the victims’ pictures and names emblazoned on them and slogans such as “Political Prisoner.” If you’re marching after dark, include lights of some sort. Our forebears in the years immediately preceding the first American Revolution made great use of bonfires when rallying for freedom; no doubt Our Rulers have made those illegal, but you can carry candles, bicycle lights, etc. Then send me a report for LRC’s blog.

We can also write to these folks as they languish in Leviathan’s cages. That encourages them—and it warns the State that we’re watching. Voice of the Martyrs has ministered to persecuted Christians since the 1960s; after its decades of helping political prisoners, it advises,

Often the oppressors try to brainwash [prisoners] into believing that they are forgotten, that they are not loved and that no one knows about them.  … When a prisoner learns others are protesting on their behalf or when they receive your letter, they know that someone cares.

Your involvement can result in better treatment for a prisoner.  … When [authorities] realize that outsiders are monitoring a prisoner’s situation, conditions may be improved.

Imagine what these Patriots are suffering now and how they may regret their enthusiasm for freedom. What if they received admiring, heartening letters from us?

And yes, we need addresses for them. Jessica Watkins “is now detained at the Montgomery County Jail … in Dayton, [Ohio]”; the jail also lists her. Its address is 345 W. Second Street,  Dayton, OH 45422. The phone number for “GENERAL PRISONER INFORMATION” is (937) 225-4160; the fax is (937) 496-7975. I should have called to confirm that writing Ms. Watkins care of that location is sufficient (correspondence to prisoners often requires a “prisoner number”), but I simply can’t bring myself to speak to cretins who cage human beings for a living. If any of you would undertake that task, I’d appreciate it. When you write, remember that an extended audience will read your words before they ever reach her, so keep your note innocuous. 

I haven’t yet discovered the whereabouts of Garret Miller in Texas. If anyone does, please email me the particulars so we can strengthen him as well. 

Nor are Ms. Watkins and Mr. Miller Leviathan’s only two scapegoats. Please, when you read or hear of other Patriots in the beast’s maw, send me the details for posting here. And I welcome further ideas for coming alongside them at this time.

It’s imperative that we uphold Patriots suffering the State’s vengeance. Had the British Empire succeeded in capturing Sam Adams or John Hancock one dark night in April 1775, wouldn’t you have done all you could for them? Can we do less for modern rebels?

Most importantly, pray.


9:03 am on January 25, 2021

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