The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces

Now, with the frantic daily irrational propaganda blitz demonizing Vladimir Putin and the Russians, here is a brief documentary program that will not be airing on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, FOX, or on Social Media platforms. It shows the deep-seated nationalist reverence the patriotic and traditionalist Russian people have had for their unique combination of reverential Orthodox religious faith and honoring their military. Watch it with a sincere effort to understand this aspect of the Russian people that our elite regime media does not want you to know or comprehend.

“The erection of temples dedicated to victories in wars and battles is a long Russian tradition. Paradoxically, there has been no temple dedicated to the victory in one of the most terrible and bloody war in their history – the Great Patriotic War — where 27 million Soviet citizens died during WWII. Now these events will be immortalized in the orthodox history of Russia – the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces in the Patriot Park will become a reminder of that. Every piece of the new shrine bears the memory of tragic events and glorious victories: bas-reliefs on the facade depict episodes of the most important battles; stained glass windows are decorated with state and military awards instead of classic saints, the number of steps in memorial complex called Memory Road around the Cathedral corresponds to the number of days of the war. It has taken a year and a half for architects, builders and artists to implement this concept – phenomenally short time for such a fundamental construction. What modern technologies helped to meet the allotted time? What are the most courageous decisions of the architects? And most importantly, what was the contribution made by ordinary people and soldiers?”


4:16 am on February 23, 2022