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From: Walter Block <>

Sent: Friday, November 13, 2020 8:51 AM

To: ‘Boss Man’

Subject: RE: Libertarian spoilers

Dear Vincent:

Thanks for your important comments.

Yes, the LP is a son of a bitch, but, I insist, they are our son of a bitch. Bob Barr was once our presidential candidate, and he opposed legalizing drugs, even marijuana. Gary Johnson also took on that role, and he had never even heard of Murray Rothbard. At least Jo Jorgenson passed that low bar of a test. I’m convinced that the best way to prevent further takeovers of the LP by non libertarians is to have super delegates, as in the Democratic party.

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From: Boss Man

Sent: Friday, November 13, 2020 7:16 AM


Subject: re: Libertarian spoilers

Walter: You are 100% correct.

See my comments below that I posted on

Best wishes,

Vincent Roberts

We would like to see the end of RINOs across the board and Trump would be on that list of RINOs…. So What do we do? Vote for Communists/Marxists instead? Vote for RINOs (Communist lites) or Vote for libertarians knowing it will secure a victory for the Communists? Don’t Blame Trump, Don’t blame people voting for Trump… It is far too late for that. We are headed toward One World Government and if Trump could delay that for 4 years (or maybe longer) so be it. I don’t see Trump inviting UN forces on U.S.A. soil, but Biden would certainly be for it or his soon to be replacement. We are in a very very bad spot. Civil War, Martial Law, Foreign invasion is where we are.


I’ve voted in a handful of presidential elections.

1988 Ron Paul

1992 Andre Marrou

1996 Harry Browne

2000 Harry Browne

And then gave up on the fake LP after they supported the post 9/11 measures (see Harry Browne’s writings post 9/11)

I stayed away from all of it until 2020 in the communist state of New Jersey where I voted for Donald Trump, little good it did though, and straight fake Republicans down the line.

Libertarianism and Free Markets? I got it and I got it a long time ago, but now was the time to stop (or delay) the Marxists that are here now and ready and eager to kill us. We are doomed… Get it? but I’ll greet and welcome fellow libertarians and converts on the real physical battlefied when the time comes.

Libertarians sure took the “Make Your Vote Count” slogan too literally without thinking of what that would mean in our current situation.

BTW: Fakes are not limited to the Republican Party.

The LP proved itself to be a joke after 9/11 and then again in 2008.

See the clip below.


3:27 am on April 3, 2021

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