Loyola University Maryland Business School Dean Condemns Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy for Black Youth as “Institutionalized Racism”

The dopey business school dean at Loyola University Maryland, one Kathleen Getz, canceled an entire school of business annual competition on “How to Make Baltimore Better through Business” because one of the student videos submitted advocating getting young black Baltimoreans together with successful black entrepreneurs in the city to teach them  about entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  It’s “institutional racism,” the dean announced, along with a declaration that “black lives matter.” Duh.  She apparently believes that educating young people about entrepreneurship and financial literacy is only for white people like herself.  How patronizing.  How racist.  How imbecilic.  A brainwashed left-wing student group working in cahoots with the dopey dean (these are usually puppet groups orchestrated by leftist faculty and administrators) called entrepreneurship and financial education “white supremacy.”   Ignorance on stilts.

The university administration’s position is apparently that it’s better to just denounce and demonize all white people instead, and blame them for all of the city’s problems — a majority-black city that has been governed by black politicians for about the past fifty years.

The students who made the video have been smeared as racists by the dopey dean and her superiors.  Their parents should not pay a single cent more in tuition to this pop Marxist propaganda academy.  What the dopey dean and the rest of the university administration have done here by branding these young students as racists or white supremacists constitutes institutional defamation.


8:03 pm on April 1, 2021