The Handy Dandy, Multi-Purpose Covid Face Bra

The “godfather” of the Biden crime family abruptly left the room during a Medal of Honor ceremony before the event was even over.  His puppet masters stood him up long enough to fumble around and put the medal around the neck of a Vietnam War veteran, after which he said nothing and abruptly left while the event was still in progress.

The White House PR flak, that young black woman with hair that looks like a wig made from a mop from a janitor’s closet, said that he left because he wasn’t wearing a covid face bra.  And, as CNN claims, just about “everyone” has covid these days.

So there you have how they are going to deal with Brandon’s severe, final stage dementia.  He can’t say anything in public because “everyone” has covid, and he would have to take the mask off to speak.  To complain about this is to advocate the death of the elderly, feeble, senile old little girl hair-sniffing and groping president.  He certainly can’t debate RFK, Jr. because, after all, such a debate would occur in public and you can’t debate very well wearing a face bra, can you?


1:47 pm on September 7, 2023