The Great Reset Event-Destroying Mentality

So I foolishly thought I might love to attend a game of the local (Detroit) NBA ‘G League’ affiliate, the Motor City Cruise. There are affordable tickets and one can be very close to the action, and the games are played at at convenient location: Wayne State University. Then I checked the “policies.” The Great Reset, in its attempt to crush western civilization, has made its permanent mark on all of these events, hence none of them ever getting a penny of my money. The insanity lives on: expecting a female to not carry a purse/fanny pack/bag — gee, I can do without a wallet, my brush, my glasses, my glass cleaner, my phone, my keys, let alone other treasured female incidentals.

But you know what the human-crushing apologists do on social media? They chime in and pretend that women can just shut up and wear oversized, men’s carpenter pants with 154 pockets and shove all their money and stuff in pockets and … “stop complaining.” And of course, the resident security theatre trainee can just sift through your lower body crevices via the pockets and claim he’s keeping you safe. And then you get turned away, anyway, because your pockets contain assorted, illegal trinkets.

Just say no to all of this sick, monkey farm mentality and stop feeding the beast.


7:40 am on January 24, 2023