The Filthiest Uniforms Ever


A group of parents in Gainesville, FL, concerned about potential harms from masks, submitted six face masks to a lab for analysis. The resulting report found that five masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. No viruses were detected on the masks, although the test is capable of detecting viruses.

The analysis detected … 11 alarmingly dangerous pathogens on the masks…

Gary in Florida sent me this story Thursday, so thanks to him, I’ve saved money this week as I’m too nauseated to eat. (Pssst, Mom and Dad: compelling children to wear masks is yet another in a long line of reasons to yank them out of the propaganda centers Our Rulers hope you’ll mistake for schools.)

Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy a hiatus between wars: the one over masks is winding down, while the partisans in the Jab Battle load their needles. Perhaps I’m naive, but the latter doesn’t worry me yet: most of the country, with the exception of such Marxists dystopias as Seattle and Oregon, still struggles to inject a solid half of the population—and that’s despite enormous bribes. So long as we sensible folk number at least a substantial minority, let alone more than half, we’re likely safe.

Herewith, then, dispatches from various parts of the USSA from your fellow Patriots mounting a rearguard defense in the Mask War.


report[s] from southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, North Texas and Montana

Wyoming: Hardly a mask to be seen anywhere, 1 in 20 people (maybe)….

I’m surprised it’s that much or ever was. I’ve never had the honor of visiting Wyoming; perhaps that’s why I can cherish the illusion that its population of cowboys and farmers fiercely cherish freedom.

Northern Colorado/Ft. Collins: 50% still masked including outdoor activities and riding alone in a vehicle. Unbelievable. Blue state masked morons through and through.Their sodomite Governor says jump and they respond predictably, “How high, sir?”

Yo, Coloradans: if he orders you to bend over… don’t. 

Northern Texas/Dallas (heavily blue): North of 60% still masked in public. Sam Houston rolls over in his grave.

Montana (via a relative): Masks? What masks?

What an encouraging finale!

Monnie observes,

In my neck of the woods [in Washington State], many retail establishments have begun posting signs saying you don’t need to wear a mask to shop there if you’re vaccinated.

Whenever I see that sign, I enter maskless. No one asks if I’ve been vaxxed. 

I hope this becomes the situation everywhere. …

I told one of my very aware friends that perhaps we should thank the masses of naive government-trusting people who got the death jab. The jabbers have reduced the pressure on us to comply with all the ridiculous and dangerous plandemic measures. 

We unvaxxed can now breathe freely, and fedgov’s own HIPAA law gives us a legal reason to refuse to disclose our vax status.

He replied that all this is a little like the situation in the Soviet Union: the popular saying was, ” we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”

It’s more than a little like the situation in the USSR.

From Tennessee, Jim Schoolfield writes, 

Our church here in Crossville has never required any kind of face coverings and no one in our congregation wears one. We had one man to test positive for COVID but he exhibited no symptoms. The only reason he got tested was because he and a another friend shook hands with a preacher from another church who told them he had COVID.  Our member tested positive, but the other person tested negative even though they both shook hands with the COVID positive fellow. Everyone in our church knows that the whole thing is a media stunt.

We were broadcasting our services on Facebook but have stopped because of the left wing Nazi/communists running the app. My son is the pastor of our church. I am “pastor emeritus” (whatever that means) and I help out.

Ron in Wisconsin notes: 

Fauci removed the mask mandate for the vaccinated while we were on vacation in Tennessee.  What a pleasure it was to walk down the streets, eat in restaurants, and imbibe at the tasting bars of Gatlinburg and hardly see a single mask on anyone anywhere.  I guess that means about 99.9% of the visitors were fully vaccinated…or that, like us, they were breathing freely as scofflaws.  I’m betting it was the latter.

So am I!

But then we went over the Smokies into a different world in Ashville, NC.  Outside of all of the artist shops, restaurants, and tourist sites were signs requiring masks of everyone regardless of vaccination status.  After Gatlinburg, it felt strange and uncomfortable, but we complied with the local mandates (when in Rome…).  While in downtown Ashville, we looked for a place to have lunch and, having a taste for some bar food, we spied a sign directing us down a narrow alley.  We entered the doorway, masked, and walked down a flight of stairs to a basement bar.  The bar keep, Ryan (a woman) saw us enter and, with a big unmasked smile, said “Ya’ll don’t need to wear those in here if you don’t want.” We ripped them off, saddled up on some bar stools, and had a absolutely wonderful time for the next four hours.  Despite the beautiful weather outside, we preferred a dank basement bar and naked faces.

Toward the end of the vacation we passed through Frankfort, KY, to pick up some bourbon for friends back home from a famous distillery.  We were greeted in the parking lot by a chirpy young lady, fully masked, who asked us a series of questions intended to elicit our health status.  Feeling healthy and not having been around anyone who was sick, we were allowed to pass into a small building where several masked employees had us stand in a spot so our temperatures could be taken.  Only then were we given passes to exit the building with a sticker and a reminder that all persons must be fully masked anywhere on their grounds, inside or outside.  We walked the hundred yards or so to the gift shop and were stopped by a nice masked lady at the front desk who had us sign in and give our cell phone numbers so they could conduct contact tracing in case of an outbreak of Covid.  We selected our bourbon, checked out, and tried to leave only to be instructed that there was an exit door on the other side of the building.  By keeping the customers flowing in one direction only the distillery was helping to avoid the danger of two customers, passing each other in opposite directions, from violating the 6 foot rule. 

We visited another distillery the same day and, though not as paranoid, they had signs everywhere that we were to be masked, keep distance (in a small shop, really!), and not touch anything.  I would not have guessed that the good-‘ole-boys in the whiskey business would be such wusses.

Feeling a bit sour about our first day in KY, we not-so-eagerly went to Churchill Downs to attend our first horse races.  Keeping with the letter of the law, the track had sold us socially distanced seating, but the employees were very helpful in telling us to ignore the assignments and that we could sit in any unoccupied seats we wanted.  Also, there was hardly a mask to be seen, inside or outside, employee or visitor.  After our experience at the distilleries, our visit to Churchill Downs left us with a much more positive feeling about KY. 

Back home from vacation, the masking signs were down, most people in the grocery stores were unmasked, and there were signs of normality returning.  However, when I recounted my vacation story at work (a place that requires the unvaccinated to mask up) I was chastised that I could not criticize the distilleries because they were private companies (duh) and, besides, they were just trying to keep everyone safe.  

When I asked Ron whether complying with senseless rules had dampened his pleasure in vacationing, he responded, 

… I don’t live there, and there is little to be gained by wasting vacation time arguing with or terrifying fearful people.  It just drives them deeper into their irrationality..  Instead, we found places, unmasked, that were more to our liking and spent our time and money there. 

Much of our vacation was spent hiking trails in the Smokies and, yes, we saw a few people, outdoors, huffing and puffing up mountain sides fully masked up.  I felt bad for them.  Their fears had overcome their sense.  How terrible it must be to be afraid of breathing! 

Speaking of vacations, we’ll next head to a prime spot for them. From Florida, Gary testifies,

Here in The Villages, most people who wore masks have taken the dirty face diapers off. Mainly I believe because all the brainwashed retired people have taken the jabs. In Sumter county where I reside they have an 82 per cent rate of being jabbed. I and my wife have not taken it and have no plans to. Ever. Btw, I was diagnosed with the China flu 8 weeks ago and managed to live to write about it. … My Friday poker game has returned. People who would walk across the street from me outdoors because I did not have a face diaper on are now happy to sit at a table for 3 hours with 6 centimeters of separation between us. Our corrupt government and politicians have engaged in a master class of propaganda and mind control. I fear this is the lull before the next storm though. 

David Knecht, also in Florida, rejoices that 

Locally, VM [Victory over Masks] Day is in sight. Out of maybe 200 in church yesterday, I counted only three women and two girls with those dastardly face burqas. All the men have eschewed them. They even shake hands now. So we are moving in the right direction.

The proportions mean more when you consider that the attendance ratio is about 60/40 women-and-children to men. So the women and their kids are getting braver (or less superstitious).

Don’t get me going on cowardly women and their complicity in the destruction of this country. They’re a disgrace to their sex, with their idolatry of “safety” and their advocacy of a cushioned-corners world so little Meghan doesn’t scrape her knee. And the feminine boys these gutless wonders raise play right into the Marxists’s hands: cowering, easily intimidated men make model serfs.

While we’re on the subject of female wimps, TimmyTaes in California summarized the local evening news for June 12:  

The lead story was how California would reopen on June 15th. They even had a countdown calendar/timer going in the LH bottom corner of the screen saying “2 days; so many hours; so many minutes; so many seconds ticking by” for dramatic effect.

And then it was masks, masks, masks, more masks on the interviewees by the reporters. The citizens are all afraid (these were all females by the way) 

Why am I not surprised?

One male was shown, a white guy, maskless saying, “No problem.”

But fear fear fear was spread again. And…

“When the state is open again will masks be still required?”

“Yes. For mass transit, large gatherings, and SCHOOLS!” 

So the child abuse continues after June 15th in California. …

Then they show VP Kamala Harris at a rally in DC (no masks) spouting how a bill has to be passed to give transgenders more rights. It was the only maskless segment.

Masks haven’t been shown on the TV news for weeks (well, a little here and there), but now they are back in force with everyone shown on the news wearing a mask (except for that one white guy) living in fear.

Yesterday I saw an Anglo family of four riding their bicycles by our house with masks on. Today I saw a Mexican family of four walking by our house with their masks on. …

He later added,

At midnight tonight the “Emergency” ends in California. CAL OSHA will have a meeting in a week to decide on workplace rules regarding masks etc.. (CAL OSHA won’t decide until the end of the week what the rules on masks will be for employees. CAL OSHA are five appointees made by Gov. Newsom. It’s a sweet “job”. These 5 morons have had months to make this decision. Total incompetence.) 

…at midnight California reopens… or so they say. What does the TV news at 11 PM say from San Francisco?

News opens: TV anchor, “Within an hour California will completely reopen, but where do you still need to wear masks? We’ll tell you coming up.”

Clock in RH lower screen showing 58 minutes to California reopening.

After commercial… “Betty Yu (former Miss Chinatown with inflated pink lips the size of Buick bumpers) gives us a report from the Ferry Building.

Betty Yu is maskless! She wore a mask last night. “Here at the Embarcadero some are wearing masks and some are not.”

Usual interviews with the maskless, happy to be free, “I’m vaccinated!” exclaims an Indian couple named Gupta. Then they show an uptight old white guy wearing a red mask, saying, “Well, I’m afraid of those unvaccinated people making me sick.”

Scene switched to Andrea Borba (nee Gorda) who also isn’t wearing a mask. She is at the airport I think. “Masks will still be required on mass transit and at the airport.” …

On the “first day of ‘freedom’ in California from Gov. Newsom’s edicts,” TimmyTaes

 went to Shelton’s Grocery. The “MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ENTRY INTO THIS STORE” sign was still there on the door in black letters on a yellow background. I went in without a mask anyway.

Everyone in the store was wearing a mask, but me. No one said anything to me. 

And the next day,

At Shelton’s Grocery…, the black letters on yellow background sign demanding that masks be worn for entry WAS GONE!!!!! Only took 15 months. About half the customers and 80% of the employees still wore masks.

Voluntary servitude can be even more tragic than the involuntary type: with the latter, at least the soul remains free despite a body in chains.


1:24 pm on June 19, 2021

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