The Evil Empire (U.S.) Rolls On

Patrick Buchanan’s article today and Tony Cartalucci’s article of May 11 again document the renewed U.S. role in attacking Syria, along with certain allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. See also here.

The U.S. has for 25 years launched into a Great War, a push for global domination. A partial explanation of this push is explained in this article, from which the following quote is drawn. This answers Buchanan’s question as to who expects to benefit from a war that creates a terrorist haven and competition in Syria:

“The people running the U.S. government and shaping its foreign policies at any given time generally choose friends and enemies on the basis of what will expand U.S. influence, control, power and dominance, i.e., what will expand the empire. Unlike an empire that seeks direct territorial control and absorption of territory, the U.S. empire is content with other forms of domination and control through alliances, financing, loans, contracts, agricultural and military aid, arms sales, arms training, covert revolutionary means, and other such less visible means than borders and outright control over governments and administration.

“It’s expansionism, dominance, control, influence, hegemony-seeking that’s at work. It’s empire-building that’s at work.”

Cartalucci also recognizes that the U.S. empire is pushing for global domination through a Great War. He writes

“The conflict in Syria is but a single battle among a much larger war – a global war constituting what is basically a third World War, fought not upon vast but clearly defined fronts, but rather through the use of fourth generation warfare, proxies, mercenaries, economics, and information.”

Wars of this scope and duration require the forces and means of states and extended states like the U.S. empire. Only such coercive organizations can generate the resources to conduct such large operations. Only they can manage public opinion so as to nullify opposition and gain support.

If there ever was any doubt that the U.S. is an empire that is conducting a Great War, it should surely be erased by now. Any observer with a head cleared of American myths and propaganda should now see that the U.S. aim is global domination. The wars against Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are not the only evidence of that. The hostility and sanctions on Russia and Iran are further evidence. The U.S. presence in Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Ukraine, eastern Europe and numerous African countries adds more evidence. The U.S. support of Israel and its massacres add still more evidence, and so does the renewed push into the Pacific directed against China.

There is no doubt that the Evil Empire rolls on and that it is making a renewed push in Syria. It’s part of the Great War of the American Empire.

With so many millions of innocent people overseas being killed, wounded and displaced, with obvious injustices occurring every day for which the U.S. bears responsibility, with the same kinds of expansionist policies being selected under presidents of both parties, and with overwhelming congressional majorities supporting wars and more wars, and with none of this doing any good for most Americans, there is absolutely no doubt that we are looking at an empire and an empire that’s constantly trying to expand. There is no doubt that we are looking at an Evil Empire that is preventing the world from rising to higher ethical, creative and humane levels that treasure each and every person on earth. We are looking at an Evil Empire that is endangering the world.

Behind and underneath this push for world control is a will to power that is directed at control of human beings. This aim is at root aggressive and is conducted by aggressive means. It is at root anti-libertarian, anti-humane, anti-human being, anti-freedom, anti-personality, anti-person, anti-peace and, if you hold to certain religions, anti-spiritual and anti-Kingdom of God.

The sense in which such an empire with such a drive and quest is wicked is in both its means and its ends. While typically professing to be a force for good, even an essential force for good, or a crusading force, the empire by its very construction uses and imposes force constantly. Its resources are raised by aggressive coercive means; it employs them via aggressive coercion in all its machinations. The continual use of such means subverts all and any lip-service paid to doing good or fighting evils. The evil means become and are the ends of the empire. Expansion, dominance, control, imposition of power are their own ends. The will to power that is directed at and over the individual human being is both the driving motivation of those in power and who seek power and also their end or aim.


7:50 am on May 15, 2015

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