The Department of Maternity

Socialism is totalitarian in nature, erasing individuality. Society is homogenized like milk, and its molecules are indistinguishable, one from another. Exactly what aspects of human life will be made homogeneous (equal) cannot be foretold. Life is rich in variety, and a given socialism, like a lava that abases and erases everything in its path, can go in many possible directions. It may force all cars to look alike, all cars to have air bags, all children to be vaccinated against papilloma virus, everyone to have health insurance, everyone to use debit cards instead of cash, everyone to attend kindergarten at the age of 3, and so on indefinitely until the dissatisfied molecules assert their individuality and rebel.

There should be in every American’s mind the certainty that socialism is totalitarian in nature. It is a very great risk to one’s person and one’s pursuit of life, liberty, property and happiness.

There should be certainty that repeated eruptions of American socialism in the past are flowing over our society, thrusting us aside, running over us, and suffocating us.

Where is our American socialism headed? The point of this blog is to advertise a document that answers this question in an imaginative way. This document is titled “A Woman’s Guide to the Federal Maternity laws”. It seems to have been written about 1995.

The document is not a real government document. It is entirely imagined, entirely made up, entirely fictional. But it feels very real because it extrapolates today’s socialism. It tells us where our socialism is taking us, and in doing that it should lead readers to appraise our existing socialism negatively, as it deserves to be appraised if we understand its totalitarian character.

If a socialist believer reads this document, however, he or she may applaud it and adopt it as a platform or blueprint for the future. They may be that blind to its intense satire. Or perhaps there will be a tiny doubt or even a realization that all is not well with the socialist agenda for human beings. The anti-socialist may be inspired to even greater loathing for socialism when the totalitarian nature of it is brought out so clearly.

Is socialism left-wing or right-wing? If Stalin led a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Hitler led a National Socialist Party, and both were totalitarian, is socialism leftist or rightist?

The document imagines a Department of Maternity that could be the result of a left-right coalition, one that would have strains for sure (over abortion, for example), but not unlike today’s shadowy coalition of progressives, neocons and those conservative Republicans who still support unending foreign wars.

Regardless of how socialism builds its support, drawing from left and right, if such a Department of Maternity could arise, it would be sold on the same bases as other parts of the socialist agenda in health, education and welfare have already been sold. Equality is one selling point. Brotherhood is another. Efficiency is a third. Socialists twist “All men are created equal” into a socialist justification for their totalitarian beliefs, hopes and dreams. They tell us we are a village, each responsible for everyone. They tell us that unity and uniformity save resources. All of this is totally false. These are all totalitarian doctrines in their hands.


5:07 pm on December 31, 2018