Full Secession, Down To The Individual Level, Is Equivalent to Anarcho-Capitalism. Mises’ View?

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Dear Walter,

Here’s my question: if the United States government surrendered its monopoly on force by permitting individual Americans to secede at their discretion, would it then be OK with you for the US to implement anti-discrimination statutes?


Dear T:

It would be ok for the “US” to do whatever it wanted, since under these conditions it would no longer be a government. (I assume that when it allowed, declared, secession it gave back to everyone their own property, and that an anarcho-capitalist society arose). Full secession, down to the individual level, is equivalent to an-cap. Was Mises an an-cap? In some of his writings, clearly not. But he also favored full secession, down to the individual level, so in that regard he was. I guess he was ambivalent about this.

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