The Contagion Myth: Failure to Demonstrate Transmission of “Viral” Diseases. A Complete Study Guide

When one of the girls became ill with the “highly contagious” childhood disease measles the other did not.

“This phenomenon was observed repeatedly with the girls experiencing colds, flu and other childhood diseases separately.

“This disproves the virus theory of disease, as viruses that entered their bodies would be in their shared bloodstream.

The above story is only one of MANY in the historical record documenting the Contagion Myth.

Many more of them are outlined in this article, HERE . Thank you to Mr JB for alerting me to the above article.

If you’d care to take a deep dive and understand the Contagion Myth, I highly recommend the following 5-Part Series from Mike Stone of :

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4:40 pm on March 4, 2024