The Communism-in-Drag Game Plan

Years ago my friend the late Murray Weidenbaum, the chairman of President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisors, told a story of how he had a conversation with Barry Commoner, one of the founding fathers of the modern enviro-commie movement.  (I believe they both taught at Washington University in St. Louis).  Weidenbaum said to him (paraphrasing from memory): You guys are against oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power.  Without energy, you cannot have a capitalist market economy.

Commoner’s response was to sit back and smile.  Weidenbaum told me that he interpreted Commoner’s expression as saying “exactly right.”

So now that the enviro-commie lunatics are in full control of the federal government, they are obviously guided by the ghost of Barry Commoner (who said in his book Making Peace with the Planet that socialism would cure pollution problems, exactly the opposite of what happened in reality).  Force the shut-down of major oil pipelines; deny drilling leases onshore and offshore; strangle the energy industries with even more mountains of regulation; make it financially impossible to build nuclear and other energy-generating plants; and then when energy prices skyrocket, impose a Jimmy Carter-style “windfall profits tax” on the oil companies, as Brandon has just called for, to blame them for the high prices and invoke further destruction of the energy industries.  Then of course there’s the rest of the “Green New Deal,” a Soviet-style central planning scheme that is orders of magnitude more civilization-destroying than anything the Soviets ever dreamed of.


7:55 am on November 2, 2022