The Clips of Dover

Tiffany Dover, the nurse at a Tennessee hospital who fainted after getting her COVID-19 shot last Thursday, disappeared for three days.

Many thought she was dead.

Then on Monday, the hospital released a 21-second video of her back at work.

Except, she seems to have undergone a bit of a metamorphosis.

Which a sleuth, who’s 

done two years of intense fine art training at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy; followed by three years of working as a professional portrait artist. … Safe to say, I have had an extensive training in morphology[,]

condemns as starring another woman entirely. Far from being a double, her eyes aren’t even the same color. Our Rulers harbor such contempt for us, they no longer worry about credible lies or propaganda.

As our hero asks,

Has she died and her records are purposely being suppressed? Is she in ICU, and a double was used as a placeholder in hopes that she will recover? If she did indeed die, why would they simply not admit it? Do they think people have become so willing to believe the mainstream media assessment of a situation that they’ll deny their own senses and accept this mute and unconvincing look-a-like as evidence?

Well, yes, they do. And they’re largely correct.

So cherish this moment: leftists are almost never right.


11:18 am on December 24, 2020