The Chips Are Down for Micro-Chips

Don Foster writes that I (and Jack)

hit a topic that I am familiar with … and would like to comment.

As per, “So: have Our Rulers stockpiled micro-chips for insertion into us serfs? Especially those of us rejecting their mRNA jabs? Yes, I am wildly speculating. I know nothing of micro-chips and whether industrial ones can also function in the human body.”

I have sent this information to many people in the last year with really no response. Nobody seems to grasp the importance or the links between NIH (Fauxi), DOD (Bio-warfare development), and Bill Gates (Linking everybody to computers and satellite tracking). All points lead to Wuhan and the Chinese Thousand Talents (infiltration). 

Dr. Charles Lieber, head of the Harvard biology dept. was arrested January, 2020, along with his communist Chinese aids, that were masquerading as students. This is the guy who has developed the injectable, nano-particle, computer chips, with OUR tax-payer money, under the cover of Fauxi. But the DOD is heavily invested in him, as well as the Chinese, so there has been NO mainstream news coverage.

Mr. Foster adds that the micro-chips in short supply, according to Jack, are

 …the circuit-boards and computer CPU types that include micro-processors that include transistors. Those are just larger stuff. My 2014 Toyota has at least 13 different computers controlling the different functions. Covid has been used to disassemble the distribution chain and to disrupt farming and manufacturing.

My daughter pre-ordered a graphics card (expensive) and pre-paid, a couple of months ago, with no ship date. We (I work for a Ford engine distributor) are no longer able to source engine wire harnesses that were being manufactured in China.

The nano particles/computer chips are a completely different source, but may come from China, as Big Pharma is in China. That is where all our pharmaceuticals are derived and China ALSO controls the raw materials, again.

China is holding our entire manufacturing industry hostage, because our politicians allowed the globalists to ship it over there for slave labor and zero regulations for pollution. (See David Rockefeller’s comments in 1968 regarding the need to “deindustrialize” the United States.) 

I went to Fresno State in 1985 and majored in Industrial Technology/Manufacturing/Transportation Option and have been in the industry ever since, watching the slow death/choking/regulations/dismantling of our entire industry by treasonous politicians enriching themselves as our middle-class disappears. There has been a war against Americans for at least 100 years, now.

And a war against mankind since political government first cursed the earth.


6:51 pm on May 1, 2021

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