Are the Feds Hoarding Micro-Chips Along With Ammunition? 

“Jack” owns and drives a refrigerated truck. His business, which usually involves transporting food, takes him throughout the country, and he frequently reports his observations. Last year, he bewailed the ham-fisted closures and “mandates” traitorous politicians and bureaucrats issued under cover of the plandemic as ruinous to the supply chain. Just as those illegal measures might have induced hunger here in the USSA, Jack’s noticed another phenomenon that could result in further scarcities:

…our futures may be impacted by the micro-chip shortage in the world.  There are less automobiles, and trucks being manufactured now as a result.  I’m sure other electronic industries will suffer also.  It’s crazy how many products have micro-chips in them!  For me, it’ll be a good thing for my business.  There are less big rig trucks being manufactured around the world.

Jack faces intense competition from trucking conglomerates, who hope to force independent entrepreneurs such as he from the business by calling for ever more regulation and higher rates of insurance.

In fact, in Dublin, Virginia, where my Volvo truck was made, they are shutting down the production line as a result of the shortage.  Interestingly enough, UAW decided to go on strike there, just days before the plant had to shut down anyway from the shortage.  It made the labor situation an easy decision for management, which said, ‘Sure, go on strike’!  So with less trucks available for the large trucking companies, there will be less trucks on the market for me to compete with.  Also with the continued 18% random drug test failures for drivers, of which only 1% go through the motions to get their license reinstated, there are now less drivers in the market for me to compete with.  Thank you, Supply & Demand!  I am seeing a rise in freight rates, so my profits can rise.  Unfortunately, those higher rates and higher fuel costs will be passed on to the consumer.  Combine this simple supply & demand phenomena with investor speculation, and fear of a federal government tax and spend spree under Biden; and inflation is just around the corner.  

It’s not too crazy that no one in the mainstream media is talking about the source of this micro-chip shortage.  The Chinese are the biggest supplier of the raw materials for micro-chips!  The CCP is restricting the flow of its greatest natural resource.  The ‘precise metals’ market is being artificially strangled by the CCP.  This is why … the recycle industry here in America is focused on automobile catalytic converters.  Evidently, the exhaust system process in a car ends up making precious metals, and depositing them into the car’s catalytic converter!  …in Denver, my buddy has told me stories about how meth addicts are stealing them out of parked cars with a simple hack saw!

So: have Our Rulers stockpiled micro-chips for insertion into us serfs? Especially those of us rejecting their mRNA jabs? Yes, I am wildly speculating. I know nothing of micro-chips and whether industrial ones can also function in the human body.

But no prudent person puts any wickedness past Our evil Rulers.


11:37 am on April 30, 2021

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