Furloughed But Now Back in the Trenches of WWIII

Fighting WWIII became downright enjoyable over Thanksgiving while recruiting many to our cause, thanks to the enemy’s enormous tactical error: he banned the traditional dinner with friends and family. Suddenly, combatting COVID’s tyranny not only appealed to millions more Americans, it was also fun! And delicious!

But now we return to the nitty-gritty as patriots across the country battle the Masked Morons. Herewith, their reports from the field; may they encourage and inspire you in your struggle!

We’ll start with Sam in Georgia, who sent me a picture of himself, 

wearing my mask at Costco.

Said diaper sits across his forehead, where it will no more protect the sheeple from his independent thinking than it would from COVIDCon were it veiling his nose and mouth.

NO problems yet. Of course, we are in Georgia, and I would venture to guess that 90% are not wearing masks. Especially in pubs. That is even a smaller percentage.

And no wonder: hooking those confounded loops over your ears requires too much coordination after a couple of libations…

From southern Louisiana, S. sends

a video of the annual lighting ceremony in our small town … . Almost no one, including our mayor and the artist who has greatly improved the display, were wearing masks. I counted less than a dozen. There were quite a few Karens in the comments, but there was also quite a bit of push back.

Excellent! Because defeating a Karen requires only that weapon!

Tim in Kansas

went to the grocery store today and on my way in I noticed that the large “Masks Required” sign was back, posted in the entryway of the store but otherwise everything seemed normal until I was paying at a self-checkout stand when a store employee came up to me and asked if she could get me a mask. I politely answered “no, my doctor told me not to.” She then quickly and angrily said, “they’re required now” as she scurried off away from me and hid. I then looked for her as I was walking out because I wanted to ask her when she was a kid learning about Nazi Germany if she’d thought to herself, “Man, those Gestapo have all the fun,” but she’d apparently decided to hide.

This is the first time that I have ever been directly confronted about putting on a mask and I am a bit surprised that it was a quintessential ‘little old lady’ complete with permed white curls in her hair confronting me just about a minute before I walked out of the store and when I had walked close past at least 6 other employees, including an assistant manager, in my few minutes in the store.

That experience did spur me to search and learn that my governor issued another mask mandate yesterday but it doesn’t go into effect until Wednesday. She claims it’s necessary because in some undefined period of time there have been 60 deaths and 130 hospitalizations out of 5,800 new cases across the state. Personally I think that an infection rate of roughly 0.2% and a death rate when infected of about 1% to be of less concern than a wheel falling off my car as it sits in the garage.

And that, my dear sir, is one of the many reasons you are a serf instead of a Ruler. A politician would immediately grasp the need for an entire bureaucracy and a schedule of fines for wheels falling off cars in garages.

Next stop: Florida, from whence Scott reports, 

Walmart started up with their masked “greeter” again after 3 weeks off.  “Do you have your mask?” 

“Do you understand the exemptions?”

She smiled and let me in.

Alas, unlike Scott, a “56-year-old man living near Villages, Florida” suffered several wounds:

It’s sad that everyone here is obedient serfs, almost everybody including workers wearing masks. I was one of very few not wearing.  I stopped going to Mass here because 9 months and no change to opt out masks. You would think being older be more wiser. Just the opposite, terrified like 5-year-old children.   Everyone of all ages wearing masks outside and I’ve seen idiots in Villages riding their bikes in groups wearing masks or walking outside. Insane ignorant people who will be easy to control. …

Just went to Publix in Villages near my house and some early 70s old woman tried to MASK SHAME me for not wearing a mask, and she got all anxious and scared that I was not wearing a mask. She said HEY YOU ARE LESS THAN social distancing 6 feet from me and not wearing a mask.  

I am a very private person and just like to be left alone and don’t need to be bullied or mask shamed by the GERIATRIC MASK POLICE in the Villages. … Every cowardly old person has a mask on. THESE OLD FARTS ARE SO AFRAID OF DEATH! EVEN IF THE VIRUS WERE REAL….Where is the fighting American spirit to defy authority who have no right to MASK US?…

Anyway, I guess she thought I would say sorry for not wearing a mask but she picked on the wrong person. I said I am MORE THAN 6 feet from you and I do not have to wear a mask.> I said this is not the SOVIET UNION it is still the FREE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  I said do you have a  clue about science? I have a science background, I told her, and that mask on your face is worthless and not helping you from the virus. Maybe you need to read and learn the truth.

I also told her I have asthma and will not be bullied because I cannot breathe with that damn thing on my face. Too bad.  She was in a rush after that at the checkout counter to get away from me because I WAS RAISING MY VOICE LOUDLY FOR EVERYBODY TO HEAR ME–THIS IS AMERICA NOT RUSSIA SOVIET UNION…

I am ashamed to be American … 

If you’re like me, you know the feeling.

Tragically, Mr. A’s church also aids and abets the enemy:

Because of the Villages NAZI enforcement with ushers and front door people making you wear a stupid useless mask or you cannot go to Mass … The USHERS are like that NAZI experiment in the 60s … where the people started enjoying their power and humiliating those who did not obey. The same with these ushers, and even the bootlicking authoritarian priests and deacons are like, DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE USHER SAFELY REMOVES YOU ONE BY ONE FROM THE PEWS—ORDERLY!!! OBEY!!!   … been 9 months now and NO CHANGE. 

So Mr. A now attends another church, in which the pastor

(originally from Ireland) makes wearing a mask optional. There are no ushers kicking you out for not wearing mask though many retarded ignorant old people AND YOUNG PEOPLE (LOL!) wearing masks (does anybody read articles or science anymore!!!) … We are a nation of cowards and deserve to be slaves to the NWO because there is very little fighting spirit among the people that should be angry. Christians are such cowards; if you believe in JESUS why you terrified of death? Because maybe they don’t believe after all.

Yep, a distinct probability.

Another casualty from Southern Minnesota, Jeff Zervas, laments,

Mask wearing here is 100%. It’s incredible. I went to a local small business today, a small shop where they do hydraulic work, to buy some parts and even the owner had a mask on and he was warily keeping his social distance. It’s actually creepy. Just a short time ago one could get away with going maskless, especially in a place like that, but no more. They don’t merely give dirty looks, they all but physically assault you. I’m being very confrontational, believe it or not, by letting my nose hang out and it affords me lots of opportunity to challenge the fools, but in the end I’m convinced that it does no good. I’m not one who shies away from confrontation, but it’s become so bad here that it really is insane to the point that the inmates are running the asylum and they’re not only the vast majority- they’re everyone! I’ve even been escorted out of places (twice in the past 2 weeks) for wearing my mask like that.

Ms. Anonymous in Colorado is

a longtime LRC reader, a Ron Paul 2012 supporter, and a fourth-generation Coloradan whose maternal forebears arrived on the Mayflower and participated at Lexington.

She, too, sustained a wound, in her case a headache when a shop she has long patronized refused to serve her unless she donned a mask. That abuse prompted this letter to the owners: 

Dear Isely Family, et alia:

Your country is quickly becoming a dystopian hellhole, and the health-food stores that Margaret and Philip Isely founded in 1955 are now an enigma wrapped in a farce, complete with handwritten cardboard signs reading “No Mask, No Entry.” These signs are in addition to other mask signs, plus signs telling fully grown adults where to stand and how to sneeze.

You have accomplished this farcical feat in less than a year, by not boldly defending the principles of natural health, in the face of COVID tyranny.

I am a 25-year Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers shopper who has benefited from the organic food, filtered water, and supplements I have purchased in your stores. On Nov. 16, as usual, the checker amicably completed my order. She even gave me a free reusable bag to replace a worn one. Exactly one week later, I was denied entry to your store and threatened with arrest because I cannot wear a mask.

I have a health condition that prevents me from wearing a mask. On Nov. 23, your employee Herr Commandant Matt bullied me at the door. I explained my situation. He said I’d have to wear one or he’d call the cops and have me removed. He told me the corporate office is requiring everyone to wear a mask or to do Instacart shopping to avoid fines from the state. I chose OPTION 3 and left, never to return. I will be shopping online, but not from you.

Several questions arise:

  1. Why are you violating the Americans with Disabilities Act?
  2. Why are you selling supplements to build the human immune system, if you don’t really believe a healthy immune system can fight a virus?
  3. Can you read? If so, try this: “Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings — Personal Protective and Environmental Measures” https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article
  4. Comrades Polis and Trump have driven citizens into bankruptcy by not rescinding their respective coronavirus Emergency Declarations. They have done so for a virus that, according to the CDC, has a 99.74 percent survival rate. Do you know how to do anything besides follow orders from deceitful politicians?

Other questions come to mind; but you can shove them, along with your products. You, like most of the USA, are cowards and frauds, when the times call for courage and discernment.

A particularly nice flourish!

You might notice $18,000+ in profits missing from the [Some Town], Colorado, store next year; that will be because I have abandoned your cruddy ship.

Sincerely and Bon Voyage,

Love it!

A “bare-faced” Jim Wetzel in Indiana “muses”

about why so very many of our fellow Americans are complying.  All this time, I was thinking it’s a matter of cowardice.  Now I’m still thinking it’s cowardice, but not resulting from fear of disease — I think most of us have figured out by now that a rag over the face doesn’t constitute protection against much of anything except being identified when knocking over a liquor store.  Instead, I think what most of our timid countrymen fear is confrontation.  They just KNOW that if they show their faces in stores, etc., some mask enforcer will bark at them, or maybe a civilian “Karen” will.  (By the way, I wish another name had been chosen for dishonor; I’ve known several actual Karens in my life, lovely women all, and quite capable of minding their own business.)

The thing they haven’t considered is that employees and local management of the places they’re going are selected from the same general population that constitutes the customers.  If 95% of the people in a grocery store are cowards, then it’s safe to assume that 95% of potential “mask cops” are, too.  They’re just as likely to be afraid of confrontation.  And I’ll bet that explains why I’ve been called out so few times: literally three times that I can remember since the whole clown show started.

I wish more people who are confrontation-avoiders realized that, even now, such confrontations are unlikely, and would become even less likely at lower levels of compliance.  It’s very sad, and shameful, that we’re holding ourselves prisoner.  We must be — there are certainly not enough “guards” to do so in the face of mass disobedience.  Right now, I’m in a 1 to 2 percent minority around here.  But I keep trying to be a small snowball being rolled about in moist snow.  I keep thinking that noncompliance might really “snowball.”

And cause an avalanche of freedom!

Kirth Gersen in Oregon is

reluctant to discuss my medical condition with people since it is ODD.😉 (Oppositional Defiant Disorder is an actual thing according to the psychological people. Since my motto for the past couple of decades has been “Question Authority!” I fit right in. This article explains it fairly well.)

Living behind enemy lines here in Oregon is getting more difficult, although our local NAPA store seems to reject the mask nonsense.  Whenever I go there nobody in the place, employees or customers, has a mask. But our local Bank has been nothing but trouble. The independent church that my family attends is still defying our pervert governor’s dictates, and I hear that our town’s police chief has stated that he isn’t going to waste public resources to enforce any of her edicts.


Mr. Anonymous reports from his outpost in New Zealand: 

Here … doctors and medical staff are wearing diapers. My medical practice had a sign saying that masks were required, but didn’t enforce it. The reception counter has perspex shields. My doctor is very nice and usually I make eye contact. Last week I wasn’t making eye contact and I explained that it was difficult to look at her while she was wearing a mask: masks are a great destroyer of relationships, which is of course the intent. Now the gov’t is requiring masks on state transport (public transport) from 19 Nov. If I was a betting man I would put money on house arrest over Christmas. When Costco won’t allow medical exemptions for mask rules the buses to gulags are lining up.

But he shared some good news as well:

Today I had an outpatient appointment: it was at a state hospital where nearly all of the staff are muzzled. A nurse was about to do a procedure and said “I will put a mask on” (a year ago no one would have worn a mask for this procedure). I said “Don’t worry, it’s fine” in a casual tone and she left her face in its natural state. It was a tiny victory. On thinking about this I concluded that being casual was the key to success: I am pretty sure that ranting about the evil insanity of masking would have made her defensive and done the cause of truth no favours (obviously making a robust stand for truth and freedom is the best course in some circumstances).

Clarification: the new mask rule applies to domestic flights, public transport in Auckland, and public transport that enters or leaves Auckland. All because of one confirmed case (sic) in Auckland. The person was diagnosed (sic) on 12 Nov and the above rules start on 19 Nov., which shows that the gov’t would be completely useless if a virus more dangerous than the gov’t actually existed.

We’ll close with this dispatch from “Jack” the Trucker in

Greensboro, NC.  I took the day off to do some laundry, work on my truck, and go to the local grocery store, Food Lion.  I’ve gotten into a new habit with this mask thing.  I’ve been slipping it onto my wrist, and walking around without wearing it.  I figure if someone freaks out and yells at me, I’ll just put it on.  So far over the past 2 months, no one has done that.  Today, I was the only person in the store not wearing a mask.  Part of me felt like I was naked, but part of me felt free, and happy.  It’s kind of fun to do this because everyone looks at you.  I mean, people actually give you hard eye contact.  As a result, I smile a lot.  I interact with people more than ever before.  I say things about the nice fall weather etc.  People don’t always respond as they’re in shock that I don’t have a mask on.  Some people are slow to respond and kind of stutter and stagger with their response, but when they do, it is almost like I pulled them out of a funk by talking to them!  I feel kind of weird, but happy!  It’s like I’m the emperor with no clothes on or something.  It makes me feel happy, because I’m being a rebel, I’m not playing by their rules, and I’m doing so unabashedly !  

And those are only some of liberty’s benefits!

Keep fighting, friends and fellow soldiers: the contest for God’s celestial gift of freedom is well worth it! Which of us wouldn’t rather die on our feet than live on our knees?


6:09 pm on December 1, 2020