Suicide Mission Motives

I got a few emails about my article on terrorism. Let me address this complaint: Why didn’t I call this as a false-flag event? Uhhh…because it wasn’t? Why is revenge against the West such a hard motive to understand? My word, look at the grudges the United States government has carried forth for decades—Cuba, Iran, and Russia, for example. It’s pretty much a standard operating procedure for any angry group to recruit the young and convince them to die for their cause. Don’t believe me? Look at how the United States military recruits young people.

Now, the West seems to act like it can’t understand this whole “suicide mission” shtick. This from the same West that recently released a movie called “Suicide Squad”. This from the same West that calls the mass-suicide at Masada a heroic act of resistance to Roman imperialism. This from the same West that shows movies where the hero takes all the bad guys out with him in a blaze of glory. Remember the guy in “Independence Day” who redeemed himself in what was basically a kamikaze attack? Right, we don’t “understand” revenge or the whole dynamic of suicide attacks to garner it.

The West likes to think it does not engage in such things as revenge. Really? So, what, after 9/11 we just sat down and chanted mantras and forgave the attack? Then moved on? Where does the West think acts of terrorism originate but in the endless wheel of cause-and-effect? We attack them, they attack us, we retaliate, they then seek revenge…

We can call this anything we want. Call it Mickey Mouse if it makes it easier for you. But if we sit here and act like we can’t understand why this is happening, then I don’t know what to tell you.


12:43 pm on May 25, 2017