Strzok and Rosenstein Obstruct

Strzok, citing an FBI policy rule, refused to answer a question put to him by Rep. Gowdy. Rodenstein already risks a contempt citation for refusing to provide Congress with requested documents.

In terms of line of command, Trump is the boss of Strzok and Rodenstein, who work for the Department of Justice. Trump could instruct their immediate boss (Sessions) to order them to comply with the Congressional requests. Trump’s enforcement sanction is to fire anyone who refuses to obey his order. Trump isn’t doing this, at least not yet, for political and other reasons. He doesn’t want to be accused of obstructing justice. He’s leaving the matter to Congress.

Anyway, Congress, not the President, is the more basic boss over the departments that it has created and funds through taxes. Neither Strzok nor Rosenstein has a leg to stand on in obstructing the Congressional investigation. They cannot cite FBI procedures as grounds for refusing to respond to Congress’s request for operational information from them or their offices, because Congress is their creator, paymaster and boss. Congress has powers to enforce its subpoenas, including criminal penalties.

The obstruction of Strzok and Rosenstein is an example of deep state obstruction via the bureaucratic control over access to critical information that surrounds decisions that the deep state personnel make. It’s their quasi-monopoly over this information that gives them power. It’s costly for Congress to be micro-managing their decisions, which is why they have independent monopoly power so much of the time and in so many decisions. But when push comes to shove, as it is in this instance, Congress has all the power it needs to open up the files, disk drives, e-mails and decisions of the FBI or even the CIA, if it has a mind to.

Do Americans want their republic to be in the hands of the Strzoks, Rosensteins, Comeys, Brennans and Clappers? Egad! Is this the U.S. government?! Look at these men! They’re self-righteous. They consider themselves as masters, patriots, and protectors of us all; but they are merely mortals with swollen heads, limited visions and personal peculiarities that in no way justify their powers. The government is in their hands because the people have handed it to them by supporting the creation of their departments by their duly-elected Congresses. They did not just happen or achieve their positions by their own ambitions. It was the people’s demand for more government interference and power over the lives of themselves that has brought about the deep state rule over Americans. Replacing Strzok and his ilk by new faces will not change anything fundamental. Their departments have to be decimated and dismantled.


10:20 am on July 15, 2018