All Governments are Corrupt and Unjust

And, the more power and money governments have the more corruption and injustice there will be.  I was reminded of this ancient truth when a rather naive friend asked what I thought of a local newspaper article about how the city government sold a piece of property that was assessed at $15 million to a politically-connected real estate developer for $1 million.  The friend is a socialist from Scotland and, like all socialists, he is mentally incapable of conceiving that government is anything but god-like, saintly, and the potential savior of all humanity instead of what it really is — just another criminal gang, only a very, very big one.  And also like all socialists, the friend is mentally incapable of understanding (or accepting) the simplest of economic truths, such as the notion that on the free market people do not throw their money away like this, but in government politicians throw other peoples’ money away (while stealing a healthy share for themselves) day in and day out.


3:11 pm on July 13, 2018