Stop Antifa Lawbreakers

New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik has the right idea: Stop Antifa lawbreakers. The goal is to insure domestic peace.

His proposed measures are sensible and defensible, given our current system of securing the peace. The alternative, which is doing nothing or even praising them, as Matthew Yglesias has, is to encourage their escalation to more violent means. It is also to encourage anti-Antifa groups to form and take to the streets, producing street war.

If Antifa is classified by the Department of Justice or FBI as a domestic terror group, an accurate description, it immediately places state and local police authorities in a position of greater action against Antifa. It treats them as a serious problem that warrants action. Police have to start arresting Antifa members and bringing them to justice.

The anonymity of Antifa participants must end. That’s what enables them to adopt tactics of threat and intimidation.

The financing of Antifa has to be investigated to find out who is behind them.

Steps like these are overdue.

Too many highly-placed Democrats are stirring up trouble with statements that are aimed at direct action against their targets. These Democrats are breaking the domestic peace and tranquility. Their inflammatory remarks are reinforcing the activities of Antifa.


11:34 am on November 9, 2018