SPLC Deserves Its Fate

Five years ago, this blog of mine exposed the SPLC’s fraudulent hate group inflation, counting and mis-identification of hate groups. However, I mistakenly attributed the SPLC’s fraud to ideological bias rather than to its harvesting of money from unsuspecting donors. What’s that line in “Scarface” (1983)? It’s when Robert Loggia (Frank) advises Al Pacino (Tony) “Never underestimate the other guy’s greed.”

SPLC supplied “hate” to donors who felt good “fighting” hate by paying SPLC and who benefited by labeling political enemies as hate groups.

The entire business of singling out hate crimes and then hate speech has been a wrong turn in criminal and civil law from the start, which goes back to the 1980s, with incipient roots in the civil rights mass movement era. Its thrust is to emphasize trauma of victims and motives of perpetrators of crimes, with a seeming aim of keeping alive the idea that particular categories of people are victims of crimes motivated by hate, bigotry and prejudice. In other words, keep the civil rights movement alive and keep racial voting blocs intact, even though desegregation had already crowned the movement with success. The advertised idea has been that certain groups deserve special treatment because of hatred being directed against them. However, the whole business of adding a hate motivation to known crimes has political goals, rather than being aimed at crimes. The social effect of hate being promulgated as a cause of crime is to encourage people and especially political rabble-rousers to see and sense hate at every opportunity. Pouncing upon any crime as a hate crime or any speech as hate speech is a demagogic method of keeping the idea of victimized groups alive and firming up the role and position of the demagogue as a “leader” of a “community”.

The SPLC entered the hate industry successfully, until now, when its fraud is coming into the public spotlight. SPLC amassed huge amounts of money from people who are against hate, hate crimes and hate speech. But it was a leftist fountain of bias. As Tom DiLorenzo observes, “The SPLC is one of the many professional propaganda arms of the Democrat Party whose job is to smear critics of the Party of Leftism and Marxism as ‘haters,’ or worse. That of course is 100% illegal for a ‘nonprofit’ 501 (C)(3) organization like the SPLC which is tax exempt because of that designation.”

SPLC is being sued by multiple parties for its false designations. SPLC deserves its fate, which hopefully is bankruptcy atop its shame.


3:06 pm on March 24, 2019