Soviet Poverty Lie Center Fires its Founder

That would be Morris Dees, whose bio was even wiped clean from the SPLC’s Web site.  It’s all mysterious so far, but things like this are usually eventually explained by somebody who is good at “following the money.”

The SPLC is one of the many professional propaganda arms of the Democrat Party whose job is to smear critics of the Party of Leftism and Marxism as “haters,” or worse.  That of course is 100% illegal for a “nonprofit” 501 (C)(3) organization like the SPLC which is tax exempt because of that designation.  It was also reported this week that the SPLC has more than a half a billion dollars in assets that it is sitting on, including at least $120 million in offshore investments. Non-profit?!  You can apparently make a good living in low-cost-of-living Montgomery, Alabama as a “nonprofit” poverty pimp with a cushy office at what the locals call the “poverty palace.”  (I wonder how much poverty could be reduced with all that money).


7:03 pm on March 14, 2019