Special issue of Studia Humana to be devoted to Libertarianism

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I have just accepted an offer to guest edit a special issue of the prestigious journal Studia Humana. This issue will be entirely devoted to libertarianism. I am looking for article lengths of between 3,000 and 18,000 words. I am not limiting contributions to pro-libertarian articles, although those would be ideal: stretching this theory to apply to new problems, ironing out the kinks in it, etc. Also, equally acceptable, would be essays critical of libertarianism. All realms of libertarianism are on the table: anarcho-capitalism, minarchism, constitutionalism, classical liberalism, even thick libertarianism. The history of libertarianism, defenses of this philosophy against critics, all will be acceptable. The only requirement is that you must mention the “L” word, libertarianism, and your article should be relevant to this philosophy.

Your papers are due on 5/1/20, but, if you are interested, please send me, at your earliest convenience, the title of your prospective paper, and a 25-50 word description of it.

For more information about this journal, the special issue I shall be editing, go here and here.


2:26 am on March 10, 2020